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Welcome and thank you for visiting my website! Ask anyone who knows me, if asked to pick TWO things to describe me, what would they be? The unanimous answer would be that I love purple, and I love to read. I decided to combine the two and share my love of books and the authors that create them.

I am a lover of the written word and have a passion for knowledge. I am a fast reader, absorbing all the information and existing in that world, be it for just a short time. I have lived a million lives all through the pages of books. It is an honor for me to put pen to paper (metaphorically speaking) and express my thoughts and feelings on the journey an author has taken me on. I take it very seriously, choosing my language and wording carefully, always keeping in mind what I want the tone to be. I will always give an honest review, and while many of my reviews have high ratings, I can usually tell before the first page if I will like it. When I connect with a book, I am IN that world, experiencing everything they do. Every emotion, every triumph, every heartbreak, to the point of physical and emotional effect.  Ask my husband, I totally zone out!

In 2013 I made the switch from paperbacks/hardbacks to an eReader, though I am still adding to my vast collection of paperbacks nonetheless. Originally beginning with a Nook, I am a Kindle convert and you couldn’t pay me to go back! When I made the electronic move, I discovered a whole other world existed I never knew about; the wonderful world of indie and self published authors. This avenue has opened a plethora of doors, and through it I have made MANY new friends, connected with bloggers,  gotten to know and love many authors on a personal level, and found a large community of like minded people. Groups where we can discuss our favorite books, suggested readings, new releases/release dates, etc. We are basically one large publicity firm, and we’re loyal as hell!

The following genres are what really tickle my fancy : NA, NA Romance, Contemporary Romance, Erotica, and Erotic Romance. If there is an element of romance, angst, or sex, I will more than likely devour it, the darker the better! I typically read a book a day.

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    I think you need to check the validity and license of your photos. That’s a photo of me.. I never licensed the photo.

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