Book Blitz: Finding Joy (Joy #2) By Jenni Moen

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Book Blitz: Finding Joy (Joy #2) By Jenni MoenTitle: Finding Joy
Author: Jenni Moen
Series: Joy #2
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: December 13, 2013
Genre: New Adult
More Info: Goodreads
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Love is patient.

It can happen when you least expect it,
where you least expect it,
with whom you least expect it.

Love is kind.

But love may not grow out of kindness.
It can happen with the person who hates you most
because love knows no bounds.

And it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love doesn’t hold a grudge.
Love forgives.
Love forgets.

But when the healing of your heart
breaks the hearts of the ones you love,
it may seem impossible to ...

Find Joy

**This is the second book in a series of two books. It is not a standalone. Before you can get to Adam and Allie's perfect ending, you must begin with their less than perfect beginning in REMEMBERING JOY**

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Excerpt: Expert Advice

“Warren, I’m seeing someone, and I’m afraid when mom finds out it’s going to push her off the cliff again.”

“Awww, shit. Aileen is doing great. She really is. And she talks about you all the time, son. She knows that she ain’t always going to be your leading lady. She’s prepared for that.”

“It’s not a girl that’s the problem. It’s the girl.” I looked sullenly at the floor and dragged my foot along a grease stain. I was going to need to remember to take my shoes off before I went in mom’s house or she was going to have a shit fit. “Mom’s going to go nuts, but it’s too late for me to change it. I’m in too deep.”

“Has that fancy school taught you how to talk in riddles? What’s wrong with this girl you’re seeing? Did you meet her up there?”

“I met her up there, but she’s actually from here.” I took a deep breath. “It’s Alexis Harper.”

“Why do I know that name? That sounds familiar.”

“Alexis Harper. Her dad is Garrett Harper.” He looked at me and shook his head as if he was stumped.

Warren’s eyes grew to the size of saucers, and he sucked in a sharp breath. “What in the hell is wrong with you, boy? I mean, how does that even happen?”

I shook my head, not sure what to say. How the hell did this even happen?

He was silent for a few long seconds. “I bet that’s one hell of a story.”

“Yeah, it’s some fucked up shit. I can’t even explain it to myself. How am I going to explain it to my mom?”

“I don’t know,” he said, shaking his head sadly. He knew what this was going to do to her.

I spent the next hour telling him my story. Our story.

I told him everything. Every last thing that had happened during the past six months.

“Well, I was right. That is one hell of a story,” he said, when I was through.

“It’s going to kill her,” I said.

“You love her?”

“No question.”

“You can’t walk away?”

“I don’t think I could even if mom begged me. No. I won’t.”

Warren leaned back and crossed his feet. This was it. He was getting ready to dispense some real pearls of wisdom. I could feel it.

“Life’s a funny, fucked up thing, Adam. But I think you got it right. You know firsthand how short and unpredictable life can be. If you get a chance at love, take it. If its good for the soul, do it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody ever said it would be easy, but I promise it’s worth it. Tackle your problems, and keep your eyes on the prize. Listen to your heart. Go with your gut. But never your brain. Your brain will lead you astray.”

“That’s it? Go with my gut.”

Warren shrugged and smiled slyly. “Yep, that’s all I got.”

I had been expecting something a little more profound.


Advanced Praise:

“It was AMAZING! Loved it as much as the first book. These books are a MUST read! No clichés here.” – Nereyda at Mostly YA Obsessed


 “An absolutely amazing sequel to Remembering Joy! Jenni Moen is one of the most gifted authors I’ve had the privilege to read.  This series is a favorite.” –Andrea at The Bookish Babe


“Absolutely fantastic.  This series is a must-read.” –Autumn at The Autumn Review
“5 stars! Just Wow! I really loved how this story came together!” – Gwen – Rebel Book Diva with Rebel Book Chicks


“Great conclusion to a beautiful love story.” – Vanessa at Rebel Book Chick


“A wonderful sequel to Remembering Joy. I loved how everything came together. It was perfect.” – Ana (ARC Winner)

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Other Books in the Series

Book One: Remembering Joy

Amazon ~ B&N ~ Kobo ~ Goodreads


Alexis doesn’t believe in fairytales. She knows first hand that life can turn on a dime – that one stupid mistake can shatter dreams and irrevocably shape the future. Though her memory of that day is hazy, she has spent the last ten years trying to put it behind her and focus on the future.

Adam is dark and brooding and strangely charming. The film student is the perfect distraction from the mundane life she’s created for herself.

Unfortunately, Adam’s memory isn’t hazy . . . not in the least. And, what she doesn’t remember, he can’t forget.




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About Jenni Moen

Jenni Moen lives in Oklahoma with her husband and three crazy, exuberant kids that have the potential to burn the house down at any moment.

When she’s not chauffeuring kids around town, performing her mom duties as a short order cook and maid, or vacuuming for her fastidious husband, she hammers away at her keyboard at her big girl job as a patent attorney. While vodka and exercise have provided some relief from the daily grind, it is reading … and now writing … that are her true escapes.

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