Book Blitz & Giveaway: The Broken Parts of Us (The Broken #2) by Ker Dukey

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Book Blitz & Giveaway: The Broken Parts of Us (The Broken #2) by Ker DukeyTitle: The Broken Parts of Us
Author: Ker Dukey
Series: The Broken #1
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: January 25, 2014
Genre: Dark Romance, Mystery
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Some people search their whole life for a connection -- a reason to be here, and feel life in all of its intensity.. But what if you never wanted to experience that emotion?

Jasper lived his life coldly determined never to fall in love. Some people impact your life in a moment, but will stay in your life forever. What if an irresistible force crashes into you -- not once, but twice, and from a totally unexpected source?

Jasper must overcome past demons that are still plaguing him and his friends. He must face future choices he never knew he would have to make. Sexual chemistry can come in all forms. When the lines blur between friendship, love and lust, a new darkness finds its way into their lives. Either these relationships survive or die forever The Broken Parts of Us.




  People think death is the worst thing that can happen, but it’s not, it’s the living that other people have to go on doing once someone we love is taken from this world. It’s the what ifs that constantly replay in our minds. It’s the did they know I loved them? What would they be like if they were here now? How do I get up today and live with this agony?

   The only thing that makes it slightly easier is having family to live for, to love, to get up and go on coping for. River has become like a sister to me. She fills a void left by my own sister; her death still plagues me and I feel responsible for her taking her life. River and I share this same grief. We’re bonded by a shared misery; a painful sorrow that is a part of us.

Sammy has become like the brother I never had. We share a love for River, but also we are survivors. We’ve both looked the devil in the eye and lived to breathe another day.

   Jasper; he’s a different story. I struggle with how I feel about him. At first, he was just part of the River/Sammy package, and his constant string of easy whorish women grated on my nerves. But over time, I noticed subtle changes in him; the way he adores River and listens intently whenever she speaks; not like a boy with a crush, but like a child worshipping an enigma. He’s fiercely loyal to Sammy, a trait I respect.



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The Broken ~ Book One

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When River’s already broken life shattered further on her sixteenth birthday, she was forced to be with the wrong best friend of her brothers. She was meant for Sammy but circumstance and black mail forced her into a relationship with Danny, a troubled, abusive partner. Leaving the only boy she ever loved to flee. Now four years later he has returned. When her feelings and missing parts of herself that left with him return also, loyalty, restraint and love will be tested. Can she find a way to leave the threatening clutches of Danny, to finally be saved by her childhood love? Or will Danny’s hold on her tighten when more life shattering events consume their already troubled lives?

When Sammy returns home, after four years of being away from the girl that broke his heart, he’s not prepared for all his old feelings to force their way straight back into his heart. Questions that were left unasked when he left begin to plague him, when the sudden relationship between River and Danny all those years ago seems all the more confusing now. Secrets, mistrust and Danny’s possessive behaviour sends up red flags and Sammy begins doubting himself for leaving in the first place.

When the spark between Sammy and River finally ignites it will leave explosive consequences for everyone.



About Ker Dukey

When not lost in her mind of characters Ker can be found reading or spending time with family.

She has a passion for music which kick started her writing passion. Writing lyrics has always been an outlet and way to express her emotions.

She can also be found having in-depth chats about book boyfriends on face book in some amazing groups and blogs.

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