Cover Reveal: About That Night by Natalie Ward

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Cover Reveal: About That Night by Natalie WardTitle: About That Night
Author: Natalie Ward
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: TBA 2017
Genre: Contemporary Romance
More Info: Goodreads
Nick and Emma lead very different lives.

He’s an emotionally drained, closed off bartender trying to pretend that the loss he suffered a year ago isn’t slowly killing him. She’s an overworked and aloof emergency room doctor who’s trying to deal with the fact she can’t save all her patients.

Both of them know what pain and grief feels like. And both of them are experts at burying it.

All it takes is one fateful night when their lives collide. Neither of them is expecting it, yet somehow, they find solace confiding in a stranger they know they’ll never see again. But there’s something about that night that changes them both, and despite their reluctance, it slowly materializes into much more.

And when it does, they’ll both have to face the long-buried secrets they’ve been trying to ignore.

Title: About That Night

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Cover Design: Okay Creations

Author: Natalie Ward

Release Date: TBA 2017

About Natalie Ward

Hey, welcome to my blog, which is also the place you can find out stuff about me and the books I write. Thanks for stopping by.

So what can I tell you about me? Well, I was born and currently live in Australia with my husband and our two psychotic cats. I’ve also lived in the UK and the US, which were both fantastic experiences. A full-time job forces me to get out of bed most days and I try to squeeze writing in whenever I can, often forgoing sleep to do so. Some of my favourite things in life are hanging with my hubs and friends, eating good food and drinking even better wine, watching TV and movies, and listening to music.

Although I love to create my own stories, I’m also a seriously avid reader. I’ve been known to read all night and go to work the next day with no sleep because I just can’t put a book down. I probably get a little too invested in stories and characters sometimes. I’m also a sucker for a book that goes against the grain. I like reading books that push boundaries and don’t follow formulas. I don’t need a HEA to read a book; sometimes a good cry at the end is needed.

When it comes to my own stories, many of the characters and experiences are drawn from real life people or events…but don’t take any of them too literally, some are all mixed together. It’s impossible not to put a piece of myself into every book I write too. It’s what makes writing scary, but it also lets me share some of the quirky fun stuff, like my love of certain movies, creative uses of a particular word, etc etc.

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