Cover Reveal: Dangerous Girls (Broken Saints Society #2) by Leia Thorne

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Cover Reveal: Dangerous Girls (Broken Saints Society #2) by Leia ThorneTitle: Dangerous Girls
Author: Leia Thorne
Series: Broken Saints Society #2
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: August 8, 2019
Genre: Erotic Romance, New Adult, Romantic Suspense
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I’m Remi St. James, and I’m a member of a secret society—one that rules the gothic halls of Brighton Saints Academy. I’ve officially crossed over. I’m an elite.

I feel reborn.

And the way he looks at me now…

Gage Astor wants me.

We’ve become the power couple that everyone envies. Even his Broken Saints. There’s a whisper in the ranks, a threat. I feel it when they look at me; the mysterious new girl that worked her way into the elite circle, presenting danger should she discover too much about their secrets.

As I go deeper into their world, I start to question who my friends are. Who my enemies are. And whether I can even tell the difference anymore.

A girl had to die in order for me to be adopted into their society…and like her, I fear the only way out of their ring of trust may be death.

With the homecoming dance right around the corner, the girls of Brighton have a show to put on. Exquisite dresses and a glamor of makeup; a mask of wealth to hide who we really are. Who I’m becoming…

Heavy is the head that wears the crown—and Gage rules with an unrivaled cruelty. When the biggest secret of all is revealed, I’ll have to don my own viscous tiara to take back control of my life.

Title: Dangerous Girls

Series: Broken Saints Society #2

Genre: Erotic New Adult Romantic Suspense

Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs

Author: Leia Thorne

Release Date: August 8, 2019

Dark Ties

(Broken Saints Society #1)

Amazon US

He calls us his broken saints.

And that’s what I am…or was. Broken. Until Gage Astor stole my heart and introduced me to a whole new seductive world–one with secrets and intrigue and money.

So much money. Money buys everything, even your reputation at Brighton Saints Academy, an exclusive high school for the elite.

I’m Remi St. James, and I’m new money. I don’t belong here, but the Broken Saints accepted me, molded me, shaped me into a stunning creature that slays life.

Enter Sawyer, Palmer, Rush, and Emry. The secret society amid Brighton Saints. The most beautiful and powerful. The only thing more valuable to them than money is secrets.

And oh, Brighton Saints is full of secrets.

We all have secrets…

After I’m initiated into the Broken Saints, that’s when the fun (and fear) really begins. I see things and hear things and do things no high school girl should ever be subjected to. And they make me believe it’s all my idea…

I’m a toy to them. It’s all a twisted game, and I don’t even know if I want it to stop… I’m in too deep now. There might not be any hope. Gage is a god here; he won’t let me leave his society. When he says you’re his, you belong to him. Body, mind, and soul.

Just like all of his Broken Saints.

So I have to play their game. For now. I have to find a way out…before I lose myself to them completely.

About Leia Thorne

Author of the Broken Saints Society series. Dark, edgy, dangerous. Romance that feels

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