Cover Reveal + Giveaway: Always Love You (Love #6.5) by Megan Smith

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Cover Reveal + Giveaway: Always Love You (Love #6.5) by Megan SmithTitle: Always Love You
Author: Megan Smith
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: June 13, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
More Info: Goodreads
Remember the good…
Join Sadie McCormick’s children, Hunter McCormick and Jaylinn Cahill, as they dive into their mother’s past by discovering a diary she left behind for them. They know it’s not going to be easy but they’ll always have the memories of the good times, even when those good times were cut short.

Survive the past…
Discover how she was able to endure the past when the one person she thought she was going to spend the rest of her life with turned out to be a nightmare she never saw coming.

Love Always…
Hunter and Jaylinn take away Sadie’s most important life lesson…always love with all your heart. It’s her last wish and one Hunter and Jaylinn have no issue with following since their teacher was such an amazing woman and mother to them.


Title: Always Love You

Series: Love #6.5

Genre: NA Romance

Author: Megan Smith

Release Date: June 13, 2016

Cover Design: Perfect Pear Creative Covers

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He chuckles while reaching into a box that he has hooked under his arm and holds up a book. “Found this at Mom’s.”

My eyes narrow in on the book that I’ve seen before. I walk down the steps to examine the book closer. It’s black made of pleather-like material with white lettering that’s been so rubbed off you can’t make out what it says anymore, the corners are worn and the cover is cracked along the spine. Whispering, I just stare, “Mom’s diary.”

“Yup.” Hunter looks away before meeting my eyes again. “There is a whole box of them. Think we should read them?”

I take the book out of my brother’s hands, flip the cover open, and rub my pointer finger over my mom’s name. Emotions wanting to break free yet my curiosity overwhelms me. Walking into the living room, I set the worn diary down on the coffee table that’s littered with everything and anything that a coffee table can hold. I take a seat on the sofa, staring at it while imagining my mom calling my name.  Chills break out across my skin. “I don’t know.” I answer honestly. “Do you think we should?”

“I don’t know. That’s why I came here.” Hunter places the box of books he was holding on the table next to the diary then sits down next to me. “Elle said that we should if and when we’re ready. She knew that Mom was writing in it, she had to help her toward the end when it became difficult for her to write it herself.” He shrugs. “Mom’s life story is on those pages, in every one of those books just waiting to be told.”

I nod, keeping my eyes trained on the diary. My heart is hammering against my chest and I’m sure if Hunter listens close enough he’d hear it. I miss Mom terribly. I have thought about her every minute of every day over these last few months. Almost every day since Brooklyn was born I’ve told her a story about her grandmother. Eventually, I’ll run out of things to tell her but now that we have her diaries I’ll have a lot more things to tell her to keep her memory alive.

My eyes slide over to my brother whose legs are bouncing up and down. He’s probably feeling the same way as me in this moment. “Hunter,” I say his name to get his attention. I wait until he’s looking me in the eyes. “Maybe, if you want, we can read the first entry.”

Hunter clasps his hands out in front of him, leaning on his knees and nods. “Okay, as long as you want to then I’m ready.”

I take a deep breath and reach for the worn black diary. I set it in my lap with shaking hands. “I’m scared.” I whisper. I don’t want to be sad any more than I am already but I miss her and I think by reading this…it might help dull the sadness or it’ll hurt more than it already does. A gamble I’m willing to risk.


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Trying Not to Love You (Love #1)

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MacKenzie Cahill has dealt with overbearing and overprotective brothers her entire life, making it near impossible to enjoy her teenage years. Having a boyfriend was practically impossible until she met a guy that wasn’t afraid to stand up to them – Dominic. He was sweet, thoughtful, and everything MacKenzie ever wanted in a man.

But when they go away to college at Old Dominion University, MacKenzie sees a whole new side of Dominic and begins to wonder if he really is different from every other guy.

Her world is turned upside down after a party, and her brothers’ best friend Hunter is the one there to offer her a shoulder to cry on. The chemistry between them is electric, and feelings for each other that have been hidden for years are finally voiced.

Is Hunter willing to be disloyal to his best friends in order to be with the one girl he’s always secretly wanted?

Easy to Love You (Love #2)

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Hunter finally has MacKenzie Cahill, the girl of his dreams. A horrible accident finds those dreams threatened. As their lives change, secrets begin to surface. These revelations could prove to be either the downfall of Hunter and MacKenzie or the catalyst that strengthens their bond.

Hunter has painful choices to make. Will he realize what he has before it’s gone? He knows what he must do to save his future, but will he be leaving everyone else in his past?

Will the bond between the two families be strong enough to keep them together?

Hard to Love You (Love #3)

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What do you do when the one you’ve always wanted becomes too Hard to Love?

Hailey Taylor’s heart has always belonged to Mason Cahill, but one secret has changed everything.

Things on the baseball field come easy for Mason Cahill. Why can’t the rest of his life be simple? Mason’s finally admitted he wants the one girl he can be himself around, but one secret destroyed that.

Their love isn’t sweet and simple. It’s hot, loud, and messy. But now, when he’s finally all in, she’s folded. Sparks fly. Tempers flare. Hearts shatter. One thing is certain… everything has changed.

Who will be too Hard to Love?

Let Me Love You (Love #4)

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Jaylinn McCormick is determined to forget that one terrifying night which left her feeling broken and tainted. There is one person who can make her whole again… but he is hell bent on keeping her at arm’s length. She has loved him her entire life but can she wait for him to step up to the plate?

Cooper Cahill has loved Jaylinn for years. He wants nothing more than to put all her pieces back together but he deems himself unworthy. Choosing between his baseball career and Jaylinn has him feeling lost. Does he have what it takes to put Jaylinn’s heart back together again?

When their paths cross will they intersect or blindly pass each other by?

A Christmas to Love You (Love #4.5)

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How can they still be in love after all these years?

Andrew and Elle Cahill have been married for twenty-six years. They have a strong and healthy relationship along with a beautiful family. Join them and the rest of the Cahill’s this Christmas to hear about their epic love story and catch up with the rest of the crew.

Made to Love You (Love #5)

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Jaylinn McCormick had finally found the man who makes her life complete. After putting the most terrifying night of her life behind her, she’s moving on. Suddenly, unexpected life altering events have Jaylinn spiraling in an unknown direction. Will she be able to survive?

Cooper Cahill finally found a balance in his life. He’s got the girl he always loved, business is thriving, and his baseball career is grand slamming down a new path. One phone call threatens to destroy his perfect life.

Can Cooper help Jaylinn dodge this curve ball life has pitched in her direction? Will the love they’ve found in each other be enough? Or will Jaylinn walk away from it all?

Need to Love You (Love #6)

Amazon US

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Just when you thought you had it all.

Chloe Cahill’s dreams changed after becoming pregnant in high school. She married her high school sweetheart just after graduation and together they welcomed a handsome son into the world. Now that Alex, her son, is in school she sets her eyes on finding the perfect job. Chloe feels the need to grow dependent upon herself instead of always relying on her husband.

But what happens when her husband goes out for a night of drinking and he doesn’t remember what happens?

Jackson Cahill thought he did the right thing by marrying his pregnant girlfriend just out of high school. Lately he’s been feeling restless in his marriage. One late night of drinking turns his life upside down but it just doesn’t end there. Jackson’s got himself in a real mess. The dilemma may just be too big of a disarray for him to get out of.

Can Chloe and Jackson keep their marriage from falling apart? Or will they decide to veer down different paths?

About Megan Smith

USA Today bestselling author Megan Smith is a New Jersey native who creates the memorable characters her fans have grown to adore.

Smith is a wife and mother, who makes time for her family, professional life and the creation of the characters. Fans of The Love Series – Trying Not To Love You, Easy To Love You, Hard To Love You, Let Me Love You, A Christmas To Love You, Made To Love You, Need To Love You – are captivated by relationships, special bonds and family ties pervasive in Smith’s emotional, energized and engaging work.

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