Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Written In Flames by A Giannoccaro & Eva Logan

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Cover Reveal & Giveaway: Written In Flames by A Giannoccaro & Eva LoganTitle: Written In Flames
Author: A. Giannoccaro, Eva Logan
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: October 26, 2017
Genre: Dark Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense
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Now I lay me down to sleep
I dream of flames that are soul deep

But if they should come
Before the night is done

I pray the lord my heart to save
If the fire my flesh should crave.

Nolan Leith: pyromaniac, recluse, and predator perched above the world.
Delilah Carmine: heir to a failing business, ballerina, and obsessive compulsive.

The pull of the fire was never something he could ignore. Even now, he barely controls the need to set the entire world alight. His one lover is a flaming seductress that taunts him with her beauty and danger. He couldn’t resist if he tried. Will they all get burned, or will they rise from their ashes?

Delilah brings with her an intruder to his sacred zone. Curiosity has her trespassing upstairs. Her nocturnal neighbor fascinates her, the brooding tenant above her has her enthralled and captivated. She needs to be the one to extinguish his burning needs, but will he have tolerance for her compulsive habits or will he see Red?

Passion is a wildfire which devours everything in its path.
Broken people shouldn’t play with matches.

Title: Written In the Flames

Genre: Dark Erotic Romantic Suspense

Cover Design: Pink Ink Designs

Author: Ashleigh Giannoccaro & Eva Logan

Release Date: October 26, 2017


“What’s the matter, Delilah?” I ask when the pacing gets too distracting, I can’t see the fire with her walking up and down like that. An intense need to be alone comes over me and I want to yell for her to leave, but I know the minute she did I would miss her. “You are acting shady, what’s going on?”

“Nothing.” She snaps at me and keeps pacing.

“Nothing?” I raise a brow and ask “Are you sure? Nothing, because you are pacing up and down like a caged fucking bear.Please stop. Please, I just need to sit here by the fire and…”

“Nothing is wrong, Nolan, just watch your precious fire, eye fuck her all night why don’t you.” She takes a dig at me, I haven’t touched her since the night Tom touched her. It’s upsetting her, but I don’t feel right about it. I know she will flip out, and the fact I’m planning this grand gesture of burning down her debt has my mind on other things.

“Delilah.” I don’t need to say more I am certain the look on my face is enough for her to know that if she keeps going, one of us needs to leave. But, tonight she’s got the fucking devil in her I swear.

“What, Nolan? I know I’m not your first love, hell I don’t know if you even love me at all anymore. You just sit and watch the flames through the glass all night and I just exist in the silence around you.” Getting up off the floor it’s only a few paces to where she is pacing, I am angry and I have to hold myself back from shaking her like a rag doll.

“What is wrong with you, Delilah?” I hiss at her, stepping into her space, not touching her, just close enough that she can feel me. “Because you know damn all how I feel about you. I am a pyromaniac, I need fire like you need to starve yourself and scrub off your epidermis every time someone shakes your hand. Don’t make whatever is going on in your pretty little head today about me.”

Ashleigh Giannoccaro & Eva Logan ©2017 Unedited & Subject to Change


About A. Giannoccaro

Author of the Colour series, a dark romance.
“Our skin is clothing enough to cover what we hide inside.”

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