Cover Reveal: Mixed (Recipe for Love #3) by Lane Martin

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Cover Reveal: Mixed (Recipe for Love #3) by Lane MartinTitle: Mixed
Author: Lane Martin
Series: Recipe for Love #3
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: February 5, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance
More Info: Goodreads
What happens when you “mix” together sexy chef, Logan Wheeler, and bartender, Libby Barnes?

I read one of those cute decorative signs at a truck stop gift shop on my way from Nashville to New York. It took everything in me not to laugh my ass off right next to the beef jerky and air fresheners. I was also tempted to buy both for two reasons. Number one, I’m pregnant, and number two, I’m pregnant.

Every once in a while,
in the middle of an ordinary life,
Love gives you a Fairytale.

What a crock. There are no such things as fairytales. Besides, what’s ordinary anyway? I’d be happy with a roof over my head, a steady paycheck, helping my sister mend her broken heart, and not screwing up as a parent. Anything after that would just be frosting.
Yum, frosting. Damn cravings.
OK, OK, maybe I should have re-read the first line.

Every once in a while,

Because my ordinary life became extraordinary, the second Logan Wheeler crashed my doctor’s appointment and held my hand when I heard my baby’s heartbeat for the first time. I wasn’t looking for a baby daddy. I guess that’s when you usually find things.

Now I’m just hoping for Happily Ever After.

Title: Mixed

Series: Recipe for Love #3

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance

Author: Lane Martin

Release Date: February 5, 2018



“You’re hired,” I don’t know if it was the words or the voice that said them from behind me that got to me the most. I know he only vocalized two of them, but his timber was rich, relaxed, and manly, and fucking sexy as hell. A shiver ran down my spine before I turned to see if the face matched the voice. I wasn’t disappointed.

His dark hair was short and styled like all he did was towel dry it. His ruggedly handsome square jaw was covered in scuff, along with his upper lip. I wanted to know what it would feel like on my skin. Let’s just say it was a good thing I was already pregnant because one look from this guy and I could have gotten knocked up again. I hadn’t even gotten to the best part yet. He was wearing a black short sleeve chef coat with his name embroidered over his heart. Logan. Did I mention that his arms were covered in ink? They were beautiful and intricate designs that made you want to get closer so that you could study them, run your finger along the edges. This man had many stories to tell, and I wanted to see and hear every one of them.

“Oh shit,” Jackson mumbled before making himself look busy. Despite the bustling dining room, the bar wasn’t very crowded. Maybe it was because people knew they would never get a table. It could also have had to do with the barkeep. Jackson was a cutie; by he couldn’t mix a drink to save his life. I also knew Swayed was known for its wine list and staff of sommeliers. The wine cellar was probably bigger than the bar itself which was a damn shame.

“Logan, they let you out of the kitchen?” My sister asked the sexy beast of a man approached us with an amused grin on his face. I guessed this was how we were getting a table; they obviously knew each other. My twin had been holding out on me.

“Every once in a while, Emily,” he answered before placing a kiss on my sister’s cheek. I envied that cheek. Logan turned his attention to the bartender. “Are we letting patron’s mix their own cocktails now?”

“What? You implied she was hired, so technically she’s an employee.” I nearly choked on my drink when Logan turned his attention towards me. He was even better looking close up. His beautiful brown eyes shone with amusement as he tried not to laugh. He put out his hand and offered, “I’m Logan Wheeler.” What no kiss for me?

“Libby Barnes.” I introduced myself as he took my hand. Interesting, he was a topper. I considered myself an expert handshake reader. His shake was about power, don’t get me wrong. It was subtle as shit, but I didn’t doubt he was in charge. It wasn’t aggressive or forceful, but with his hand facing downward and my palm upward it was clear he was thinking ten steps ahead. As I returned the shake, I rotated our wrists. You’re not the boss of me. The look he gave me in response told me everything I needed to know. Message received. Our hands remained joined for much longer than was necessary.

“Sorry to break up the love fest, but can I get another “perfect” Manhattan?” The server used air quotes as she ordered the drink. Jackson looked at me with pleading eyes. I was a sucker, so I got off my chair and rounded the bar again.

“Isn’t she great?” Emily asked as Logan watched me intently.

“She is.” Once again that shiver ran down my spine. Christ Libby get ahold of yourself. “I thought your sister was in Nashville.”

“She was,” I answered, “I mean I was.” Good job Lib, make yourself look like a complete idiot. “I’m here now.” I turned to the pass with the drink I’d just made to hide my blush.

Floured (Recipe For Love #1)

Amazon US

Emily Barnes likes things measured and timed, just like any baker. When she loses the apartment that she needs to run her home-based muffin business, she’s faced with a choice: couch surfing at her very loud best friends’ separated by thin walls or house sitting an otherwise empty Upper East Side luxury apartment overlooking Central Park. Obviously it’s a no-brainer for this smart cookie.

Declan Hayes is used to people asking things of him and saying no. However, for Maggie, his parents’ cook and housekeeper, he would do just about anything, including going over to his parent’s apartment to check on her pseudo niece who is staying there. His plan was to get in and get out, but the second he saw her, something changed. Something about her sparked the normally cold and dismal place to life; she made it warm and inviting. He finally understood the phrase “there’s no place like home.”

Can Emily and Declan trust the timing of their lives or adjust the lens from which they see them?

Hope, faith, trust and… love?

Will these things be enough for Emily and Declan to get the one thing they both never thought they needed in life?

It’s a good thing they are “Floured” because life is about to get sticky.

Sifted (Recipe for Love #2)

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I asked her to have hope, faith, and trust in us, and then I did the unthinkable: I left.

Now, it’s time for me to return and to sift through the pieces that I left behind. I guess my nickname of the Irish Car Bomb is fitting because I went off and left bits of shrapnel behind. I just hope it’s not too late to clean up the mess I made.

We only regret the chances we don’t take, and honestly, my leaving had nothing to do with Emily—my lovely Lemon Drop.

When I left, I thought I no longer knew who I was. What I know now is that I’m nothing without her by my side. She is the biggest piece of me.

She loved me when I was unlovable. No, she never said the words out loud, either, but her love for me is something I’ve never doubted. I felt it, I know I did. I promised to be worthy of that love when I returned to her. I’m still not sure that I am, but I need it, and if she’ll have me, I’ll have her until death do us part.

I meant every word when I told her that my heart would always bring me back to her. She is my home. She is my everything. My yesterday, my today, and my tomorrow.

Tossed (Recipe for Love #2.5)

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Home? I haven’t had one of those in a very long time. Six years to be exact. It’s not that I didn’t want to go back; it was that I didn’t know how. I’m still not sure how; the memory and feelings that came with being tossed out like yesterday’s trash are still fresh and something I struggle with daily. I’ve always heard that home is where the heart is, and when I met Shelby, I thought maybe, just maybe I had found a new home. I just never expected her to toss me away just as quickly. I used to believe that one man’s trash was another one’s treasure. Now I’m not so sure I’ll ever be anything more than debris, left behind and quickly forgotten. Regardless of how much of a man I am, when I got the call from my mama, I knew what I had to do. I’m no longer the kid that left Liberty Falls with his tail between his legs. I’m a man or at least I’m trying to be, but having to go back somewhere that you don’t belong is enough to make even the strongest man, feel like a child. Yet I had no choice; I had to go home.


Perfection, I’ve always strived for it. I have to; it’s what my parents expect from me, always. Never anything less than perfect will be accepted. The truth is until recently perfection was an unreachable goal, something that just didn’t exist. That was until I met him, Zeke “Tank” Sherman. Everything about him was exquisite; especially the way he made me feel. For once in my life, I was enough. Just as I was, flaws and all. Zeke saw me, and then I went and screwed everything up. I didn’t mean to. It just happened. It was simply habit, and I didn’t even realize what I had done until it was too late. Zeke gave me a taste of the perfectly imperfect I’ve been looking for, and without knowing, I tossed it away. Now, I’ll do anything to make things right because, without him, nothing in my life will ever be right. I don’t know his entire story, but I do know that he’s estranged from his family. So when I heard he had to go home, I knew he’d need someone who cared about him, by his side. I’d stand by his side forever, with him I know I can have what I’ve always dreamed of having, a place to belong, a home.

About Lane Martin

Writing never crossed my mind. I was a working wife and mother, but in June of 2012 that all changed when my sister bought me a little book by E.L. James for my birthday. I couldn’t get enough of the series, and that’s when I found out about Fanfiction. I decided to give it a whirl and rediscovered a part of me I had long since forgotten. With the encouragement of my Fanfiction readers and the support of my family, I decided to write something of my own. I guess you can say the rest is history. I currently live in Northern California with my husband of over twenty years and my high school age son, while my daughter attends college in Washington, DC. I love reading, spending time with my family, traveling, and trying out restaurants that are on Food Network. Thank you for joining me on this crazy ride.

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