Cover Reveal: Orbiting Mars (Ruthless Kings MC #13) by KL Savage

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Cover Reveal: Orbiting Mars (Ruthless Kings MC #13) by KL SavageTitle: Orbiting Mars
Author: KL Savage
Series: Ruthless Kings MC #13
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: June 15, 2021
Genre: Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense
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I'm a car accident waiting to happen and it's only a matter of time before I crash.
Every day that passes, every second I blink, the need to drink grows.
Meetings aren’t enough.
My will power isn’t enough.

The second I see her, I want to crash into her instead
But she may not be enough to kill the need
I’m trying…but I can’t try anymore.
And when Sunnie tells me something that I can’t handle?
I break.
I run away.
I sprint to the nearest watering hole.
Away from life, from responsibilities, from fear…
I’ve never been good with change. Everything is safe right now.
I’m in a bubble and I’ve kept Sunnie there too.
She wants more than that kind of life.
I don’t know how to give it to her.
Her words play on repeat in my head.

“Maybe isn’t fair for us to sacrifice the things we want if it means being together?”
If I don’t have her, I have nothing.

But you know what I do have? Addiction.
And I’m staring at the bottle.
She’s beautiful.
Just. One. Taste.

And everything will be okay.

Title: Orbiting Mars

Series: Ruthless Kings MC #13

Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense

Cover Design: Lori Jackson Designs

Photography: Wander Aguiar

Cover Model: Zack Salaun

Author: KL Savage

Release Date: June 15, 2021


No one knows where I am. I have my phone off. I didn’t tell anyone where I was going, and I didn’t speak a word to Sunnie about it. I’m too afraid to. After all the progress I’ve made and all the steps I’ve taken, I’m starting to relapse.

I want rum.

I want it so fucking desperately it keeps me up at night. I dream about it. When I drink coffee, I find myself wishing rum were in the cup instead. I’ll settle for anything at this point. Vodka. Whiskey. Gin. I don’t care. My mouth is watering for it.

My body aches for it. My muscles hurt and spasm, and there is this constant throb in the base of my skull.



Screaming at me to give in.

I rub my temples and exhale a shaky breath. My fingers tremble around my sobriety chip as I fumble with it, twisting and flipping it in my palm.

The room fills with people, and the cheap metal chairs scrape against the floor, echoing in the wide-open space. To the left is a table topped with coffee, tea, water, and soda. To the left of the coffee maker are packets of sugar in a container and a bottle of coffee creamer.

Maybe I just need to drink something, and the craving will stop. I stand, rubbing my sweaty palms against my jeans. There are a few new faces here tonight, and they’re hovering around the beverage table, away from the regulars. Ah, I remember standing in the back, hoping to not be seen. It’ll get easier. It helps being surrounded by people with the same struggle.

I grab a Styrofoam cup and fill it halfway, adding a dash of creamer.  I don’t bother stirring in it. It isn’t to wake up. It’s just to do something other than think about alcohol. I take a sip and let the hot java sear my throat, hoping like hell it burns the addiction right out of me.

A younger woman, possibly no more than eighteen, is stirring her tea next to the table. She looks like she’s seen better days. She has bright blue hair, which I think is so cool. I’ve never seen anyone pull off a color like that. She seems sad and is a bit too thin. By the track marks on her arms, I’ll say that has something to do with it.

Maybe I can introduce her to Sunnie.

“Hi, I’m Patrick.” I introduce myself to try and break the ice, showing her that we aren’t a scary bunch.

“Poppy.” Her hand meets mine in a firm shake.

I thought it would be limper, considering how she looks.

“So, what’s your vice, Poppy?” I lean against the pillar and sip the bitter coffee.

It sure the fuck doesn’t go down as smooth as rum.

“Heroin and Vodka. You?” She lifts her eyes to mine, and the dark circles take me back to the early days of recovery.

“Rum, but I drank just about anything.”

She nods as if she understands. Her eyes dart around the room. I can tell she’s feeling overwhelmed. “I don’t know if I can do this,” she admits.

“I get it, but don’t put so much pressure on yourself. You don’t have to speak, but it helps.”

“Is this your first meeting?” she stares at me, hopeful.

I snort, bringing the cup to my lips. “Try my thousandth, maybe? I don’t know. It’s up there. I don’t come much anymore because I’ve been doing better.”

She cocks her head and analyzes me. “Why are you here today?”

“Because right now, I wish this coffee was rum, and I’m this close,” I hold my finger and thumb barely apart, “this fucking close, to saying fuck everything just to get a drink.”

Reaper (Ruthless Kings MC #1)

Amazon US

My dead best friend’s daughter and the woman that haunts my dreams are one and the same.

For the last two years, I’ve told myself she’s off limits.
That a man like me, can’t be with a woman her age.
Then my little maniac turned eighteen.
And I gave in to my temptation.
I shouldn’t have, but now it’s too late.

She’s mine now, and I’ll never let her go.

Then one of the biggest sinners in Vegas thought he could just take her.
He’s forgetting it’s my job to protect her. Mine.

Now, I’m going to burn this city to the ground.
I’ll reap havoc until my little maniac is back in my arms.

Boomer (Ruthless Kings MC #2)

Amazon US

I left my life behind me.
My sister.
My MC.

I need room to breathe and room to think, to make my own choices and to own my mistakes.
Bitterness and anger cloud my judgement when it comes to the MC. What is so great about them that I can’t have on the outside? What is so great about the patch?

That is all I’ve experienced with the club.

I hated to leave my sister. She’s the only reason I stayed as long as I did.
But it’s time for something new.
And yet, I find myself searching for trouble, wanting—needing to be someone’s savior.
I have the best poker face, but when I lay down my winning hand and they shove a girl at me, bound and scared, for my prize, I knowI’ve landed in the middle of something bigger than me.

The girl? Scarlett Rose.
My reason for being.
My clarity.
I just have to prove it to her.
She needs protection, and I’ll die before they hurt her again.

Tool (Ruthless Kings MC #3)

Amazon US

Being the VP of the Ruthless Kings has made me jaded and scarred, a savage bloodthirsty beast.

Grit, pain, blood, the three constants in my life.
I wouldn’t burden anyone with loving me. I’m a hard man to love.
Until she walks through the garage doors, looking perfect in her little blue dress and high heels.
She’s neat and clean and too damn good for me, but I’m determined to get her filthy.
Then Reaper reminds me of the debt I owe him, and the fine is costly—stay away from the woman whose voice is a song.
Because her father is the sheriff of Vegas, and he fucking hates us.
Come to find out, the sheriff is a bit crooked, which unlocks a whole new set of rules in my playbook. And I have the right tools to break all of them.

Did I go against my Prez again for my little sparrow? Or do I let her fly away?

Poodle (Ruthless Kings MC #4)

Amazon US

I’ve never known the calm after the storm.
Thunder has always raged inside me.

I met a girl at seventeen.
Girl got pregnant.
My worst nightmare happened.
Girl? Dead.
Daughter? Gone.
Every time I close my eyes, I see them.
No one takes me seriously in the MC.
And that’s how I like it.
I keep my true self−hidden because without them, life hasn’t been worth living.
Until her.
Melissa is the shock to my heart to bring me back to life.
Our nightmares bind us.
And to love her like she deserves, I have to let go of the past.
I have to let go of them.
It’s easier said than done.
Because I know in my heart my daughter is alive.
I’ll need the help of my MC to find her.
But Melissa’s past isn’t done with her either.

What I didn’t expect?
Ours pasts to cross.
And the road to trust just got a whole lot longer.

Skirt (Ruthless Kings MC #5)

Amazon US

There are few things people know about me.
I’m Scottish.
I really hate pants.
And Poodle is me best friend.

There are always buts.

There is one thing people don’t know.
Me love for fightin’.
I come from a long line of fighters.
I live it.
I breathe it.
And brass knuckles.

It’s me way of life.
So I fight, legally. No one knows.
I wanted to keep it a secret, but MC life exposes everyone’s secrets.

One secret?
There’s a woman I have me eye on. A woman who’s off limits.
She’s an opponent’s girl. A rival. An Irish bloke who comes from a powerful family.
He isn’t abusive in just the ring, but to her too.
Bruises litter her beautiful face.
She doesn’t give me the time of day.
Until she is dumped on the side of the desert road.

She’s mine now.
Fuck her boyfriend’s power.
I’ll kill him.

For her.

Pirate (Ruthless Kings MC #6)

Amazon US

No matter how hard I try, I can never drown the memories.

I miss alcohol.
The craving claws against my stomach every day.
And being in this rehab center doesn’t help.
No one understands how it feels to not be able save someone you love.
I had to watch Macy’s demise.
How she screamed for me to help her.

I hear those screams. They echo in my head.
A song on repeat.

And a patient here, Sunnie, she tries to make me feel better.
With her pretty vice and perfect smile.
Who the hell is that happy? She makes me want to drink.
Then, she shares her pain, and I realize her bright disposition is a mask.
I find myself wanting to make her smile, to make her happiness permanent.

Nothing is ever that easy.

Especially when she’s the daughter of the man who ruined my life.
He doesn’t recognize me.
Which is good because he has no idea of the man I am today.
My MC brothers are going to bring hell upon him.
Sunnie has no idea who her father truly is
Or does she?

Happiness can’t make everything better.
But alcohol can.

A Ruthless Halloween

(Ruthless Kings MC #6.5)

Amazon US

He gets off on your fear.

Trick or treat, Come and meet, someone you love that’s buried six-feet.
If you don’t, I don’t care, I’ll love to see you in despair.
They will die. Save their life!
This isn’t a dare, I bid you beware.
Follow the clues I’ll give to you,
This is merely my debut.
Until the clock strikes midnight,
They will be gasping for air, what a delight.
The groundskeeper.

My hand shakes when I read the note.
Everyone is here.
I think.
There are so many people. So many painted faces. How am I supposed to know who is missing?
I knew this party was a bad idea.
Now, one of my own is in trouble and as the Prez of the MC, I should know not to play a game.
But we are on a timer and someone is using us as pawns.
It’s up to us to save one of our own.

The clock starts now.

Doc (Ruthless Kings MC #7)

Amazon US

She holds a special place in my heart.
The darkest part of it.
A part I never show anyone.
From the moment we met, I wanted to show her all my scars, the need I hide inside.
The woman who wears long sleeve shirts on a hundred-degree day.
She’s been away at college and when she comes home, I plan on making her mine.
One phone call.
A broken voice.
Time stands still.
And everything changes.
My plans goes up in smoke when I find her.
Rivers run red. My heart stops.
My chance with her hangs in the hands of fate.
I’ve turned a blind eye to the help she needs.
What kind of doctor does that make me?
No more. I’ll be everything for her.
Doctor. Friend. Lover. Husband. 
But I’ve learned, everything means nothing if she doesn’t start caring about herself.
Especially when there is more to her now than there ever was.
I’ll carve scars into her enemy and break my oath as a doctor to bring her justice.

Tongue (Ruthless Kings MC #8)

Amazon US

I’m too dark for her light.

I am who I am, and I won’t apologize for it.
I don’t know how to be…
I have my reasons.
I’ve been through hell.
I’ve touched the flames themselves and I’ve danced with the devil.
Damnation torched my soul until it was black.
Then I see her.
I’m enthralled, but I can’t speak to her.
She’s too pure.
Too fragile.
Too innocent.
She doesn’t need to see my torched soul.
She doesn’t need to taste my damnation.
I watch what I can’t have.
I swear I’ll protect her.
Even if she doesn’t know I’m there.
I get more…
She loves books.
I wonder if I could love them too.
She loves wine.
I imagine us sharing a glass.
Imagination. What a tease.
Enthralled. Entranced.
She feels me there.
Sees me out of the corner of her eye.
I’m the reason the hair on the back of her neck is standing up.
But I stay in the shadows where I belong.
Until I can’t.
Until the day I see her cry.
Those tears feel like open wounds.
I want to heal them.
But all she does is run.
So I follow.
I won’t stop until she no longer has a reason to cry.
Even if it means I have to ride through the fires of hell one more time.

A Ruthless Christmas

(Ruthless Kings MC #9)

Amazon US

Jingle Hells, Jingle Hells, Jingle all the way…

They think they are safe.
Isn’t that sickening?
They are decorating for Christmas.
Twinkling lights. Wreaths. Mistletoe.
All that is missing is snow.
They are the idea of a perfect family, aren’t they?
I wonder how many of them are wishing for a Christmas miracle.
How many of them only want peace?
A night full of magic and wonder…
Not when I’m here.
It’s a beautiful time to be the Groundskeeper.
Turning miracles into nightmares.

Merry Christmas.

Knives (Ruthless Kings MC #10)

Amazon US

Love is powerful force, but it doesn’t compare to guilt.
And just like most people, my guilt eats me alive.
I went from being an irresponsible kid who didn’t know any better, to an irresponsible man who does.
I make no apologies.
Don’t take my carelessness for strength.
My blood is as thick as the water that killed my brother and once I’m cut, there’s no stopping the river of rage.
My past is dead. I’m not like my MC brothers. Nothing is going to come bite me in the ass.
Or so I thought.
Because life gave me Mary, the little hellraiser who tries to be reckless.
She’s only looking to escape the nightmare of what happened to her in Atlantic City.
She’s a good girl. She doesn’t belong in this life.
Even if I know she belongs with me.
She paints her lips in red lipstick, but I know it’s an effort to hide the pain.
There’s more than the fact we are too different to be together.
Death calls on the Ruthless Kings.
And like idiots, we answered.
Her past isn’t dead.
And mine has come back to life.

Tongue’s Target (Ruthless Kings MC #11)

Amazon US

I don’t live in the shadows anymore.
Daphne has dragged me into her light.
At first, it was bright, and I didn’t know how to live in it.
I’m… adjusting.
Life for the most part is better than I ever dreamed.
But not better for her dreams.

Especially when dreams tread the line of reality.
When she tells me the truth, it sends me into a quiet place.
A place where I plan, a place where I figure out who her father really is and what he did.
A place where I hone in on my target.
He is the reason for her mind to be lost.
And when she gets lost, I always find her and bring her back to me.
That is until she leaves because life loves to shred my soul.

She’s Gone.
And now I’m the one lost. I’m in the shadows and for the first time, I don’t want to be here.
I need my comet’s light.
Only to find her…
And she doesn’t remember us.
Or me.
I’m a stranger.

How can I make her fall in love with me all over again?
She’s my wish upon a star.
And I’ll kill her father for taking my wish.
I can’t tell anyone.
Or my wish won’t come true.
And I wish for her love again.

Bullseye (Ruthless Kings MC #12)

Amazon US

Just when you think you have it all, everything changes…

I had everything a kid could want.
A home. Food. Toys. Friends. Loving parents.
And it all equaled happiness.
Then my life went up in smoke.
Happiness no longer existed.
I trusted the wrong person.
And in a blink of an eye, the cruelty of the world reared its ugly head.
Four walls. Darkness.
Memory loss.
My first love.
And people watching in the corners.

Now, I’m conditioned.
I need to watch.
I need to be watched.
No one understands the turmoil inside me.
And the one person who seems to calm it?
Ruby Raine.

A little spitfire of a woman who released the strife I’ve been swallowing for eighteen years.
She made me realize how weak I was and how strong I needed to be.
To tackle my demons, I have to admit everything.
I have to trust and that’s one thing that doesn’t come easy for me.
Ruby shows me it’s okay to let go, to let someone steer for a bit, to give up a little control.
So I let go. I let her have the reins.
The road is bumpy, a minefield of explosives with her debt and my pain.
Every chance she takes on me is a step I take to better myself.
Love is a surprise.
A dart that Ruby tossed, and it hit me in the middle of my chest.
Unleashing… everything.

I’m my own target. If there’s one thing I can do, it’s aim.

Slingshot (Ruthless Kings MC #14)

Amazon US

Coming July 7th!

Tongue’s Taste (Ruthless Kings MC #15)

Amazon US

Coming August 24th!

About KL Savage

KL Savage is the pseudonym of two friends addicted to rough love, who decided they were tired of looking for the kind of books they wanted to read. They had an itch that needed to be scratched, and as every girl knows, nothing scratches better than an alpha.

They write about gritty, alpha males, sometimes their dark sides, and the women they love.

If you have the same itch, their alpha males should fix that.

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