Cover Reveal: Sage (Club Nymph #3) by Abby Gale

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Cover Reveal: Sage (Club Nymph #3) by Abby GaleTitle: Sage
Author: Abby Gale
Series: Club Nymph #3
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: March 28, 2018
Genre: Dark Romance, Erotic Romance, Romantic Suspense
More Info: Goodreads
I used to be Veronica; an innocent kid, a daughter, the girl who lived in the darkness.

Then I saw the Sun, learned how to laugh and shared chocolate under the firework covered sky. I was Nikki then; an innocent girl who smiled at only one person, a girl with hopes and dreams.

Then, I lost everything.
First, God left me, and I lost my faith.
My innocence followed.
Finally, my hopes and dreams went missing with my smile.

Now, I'm Sage; a strong woman who wears her pain and loss like an armor. I’ve suffered through the seductive sway of my hips and sensual beats of the music.

And he came back, bringing the Sun with him. But this time, he hasn’t come to light up my world, this time he’s come to eclipse it.

Note: This book isn’t pretty. This book is raw and dark. It's painful and melancholic. There is content that will be triggering for some. I know you'll cringe at times. I know your heart will break so many times. But in the end, I believe and hope that I managed to deliver a story that will stay with you. I know you wonder if this is a HEA or a non-HEA. I won't reveal that, but I want you to trust me.

Title: Sage

Series: Club Nymph #3

Genre: Dark Erotic Romantic Suspense

Cover Design: PopKitty Designs

Author: Abby Gale

Release Date: March 28, 2018

Violet (Club Nymph #1)

Amazon US

In the darkness between danger and desire, there was a mystery waiting to be solved. 

What would you do for the ones you loved?
How far would you go?
Would you lose yourself and step into danger?
I did.
And I ended up as a pole dancer at Club Nymph, where everything began.
Ready to find a clue and solve the mystery.
I found more than I bargained for.
But I wasn’t sure what I’d gotten myself into.

Angel (Club Nymph #2)

Amazon US

I had a dream and a plan.
It was a risk but I got noticed.
I never thought the story I’ve chased would become my own reality.

A descent into darkness.

The signs were there, before it even happened.
I felt it and I should have run without looking back.
But I didn’t realize how deep and depraved it would become.

As the lines became blurred. I felt lost, but also found.

Was I selfish? Stupid? A victim?
Or was it simply my own special kind of sickness?
This is it. My monster. My enemy. My choice.

My story.

About Abby Gale

Abby Gale is an international author. She is an avid reader, former blogger, and a pharmacist. She writes whatever storyline sucks her in, but mostly her books will be erotica with some darkness in it.

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