Cover Reveal: Settled Scores (Bellandi Crime Syndicate #6) by Adelaide Forrest

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Cover Reveal: Settled Scores (Bellandi Crime Syndicate #6) by Adelaide ForrestTitle: Settled Scores
Author: Adelaide Forrest
Series: Bellandi Crime Syndicate #6
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: December 9, 2022
Genre: Dark Romance, Mafia/Mob/Cartel
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I was never meant to lead.

She was never meant to be mine, betrothed to a man born from nightmares.

Just one moment, a single glance into Aoife’s fierce gaze, and I am lost in a way I never want to be found. I’ll do whatever it takes to have her — even accept a seat I never wanted at the head of the Irish family.

She wasn’t meant to marry either man her father chose for her.

Aoife guards her heart with a sharp tongue and defiance that should turn me away. Somehow, she only ensnares me further, her moments of vulnerability awakening something inside me I didn’t know existed.

Our worlds crash together, our common enemy uniting us.

The man who intended to be her husband has waged war in our city, selling and killing the innocent alongside those we’ve both grown to care for. He won’t forget the strike against him, the knowledge that the girl he meant to be his is now my wife.

I’ll burn the world before I let him touch her.

Title: Settled Scores

Series: Bellandi Crime Syndicate #6

Genre: Dark Mafia Romance

Author: Adelaide Forrest

Release Date: December 9, 2022

Bloodied Hands

(Bellandi Crime Syndicate #1)

Amazon US


Caught in a bank robbery and staring down the barrel of a gun was not the way I intended to start my day. When the masked man takes one look at my face and mutters my name in shock, my world stops.

And then he follows it with a plea for forgiveness from the devil himself.

Matteo uses the opportunity to invade my life, reclaiming me as if the past twelve years never happened. The boy I loved is gone, replaced by hardened cruelty and a dangerous reputation. But Matteo isn’t the only one who wants to make me a pawn in a game I never agreed to play, and freedom comes at a cost.


Ivory comes strutting back into my life and making demands like she’s in charge. She doesn’t understand the games I played to keep her safe during our time apart. The sacrifice I made for her.

She’s an innocent, caught up in the games of men and unprepared to deal with the consequences of her actions. She should have stayed away, but fate brings her back to me. I won’t let her go again. After suffering in the cruelty of my world for too long, I’m ready to feel the light of my Angel in my life once more.

No matter what she has to say about it.

Forgivable Sins

(Bellandi Crime Syndicate #2)

Amazon US


I burn for him, but Lino will never be mine. Faced with the reality that I could never have the man I loved, I made the wrong choice and settled for the worst kind of man. When his gambling problem puts me at risk, Lino steps in to protect me.

There’s just one problem.

Lino has a darkness inside him. One that could unravel everything he’s built and drag him down to the pits of Hell. I won’t risk him in that way, especially not when everything I thought I knew about us changes.

I’ve loved Samara since I was a boy, since the very moment when I first heard her sing. But my father’s cruelty knows no bounds, and I made the biggest sacrifice of my life to protect my Little Dove.

Everything changes when her ex-husband shatters the safety I worked so desperately to build for her. Suddenly the safest place for her is right in my arms where she always belonged.

And I won’t stop until she’s my wife.

Grieved Loss

(Bellandi Crime Syndicate #3)

Amazon US


I’ve never known pain like when I lost my husband, never known the fear that came with wondering how I would suddenly support my two kids. So when an anonymous benefactor stepped forward on my husband’s behalf, I never questioned it.
And then Ryker comes from the shadows to show me the truth, determined to show me what his brand of love can be. He demands everything from me, my heart, my soul, my body.
And he won’t stop until he’s taken everything.


For years, I watched my Sunshine from the shadows, letting her live out her simple life with the man who didn’t deserve her. My loyalty to the Bellandis demanded nothing less, but when her husband is shot down in a drug deal gone bad, there’s nothing that will stop me from stepping in and claiming Calla and the kids as my own.

I give her one year to grieve, to adjust to life without him. But when the year is up, rising tensions in my world threaten to steal her away from me. I won’t let anything come between us.

Not even Calla herself.

Shielded Wrongs

(Bellandi Crime Syndicate #4)

Amazon US

Every killer has a weakness.

She’s the one woman I can’t have.

She’s forbidden to the Bellandi men. Yet after one look in her honey eyes, I need to carve myself into her soul so deeply, Sadie will never forget she’s mine.

Nobody else sees through her facade.

She’s a mess of contradictions. Full of jagged edges that threaten to pull me apart at the seams and unleash the beast who lurks beneath my skin.

I’ll be her shelter through the storm.

I can’t resist her fire and rebellion. But when she’s threatened by my enemies, I’ll risk everything to keep her safe from the man who seeks to use her as a weapon against me.

Even if it costs me my humanity.

Scarred Regrets

(Bellandi Crime Syndicate #5)

Amazon US

Coming December 30th!

Broken men don’t fall in love.

We linger in the darkness, consumed by the sins that define us.

Irina is the sole reason my heart beats. She’s everything that matters in a world filled with evil that a woman so good and pure should never have to see.

She’ll add another scar to my collection — this one engraved on my heart.

When she’s taken by our enemy to use for his vengeance. Even knowing she can never be mine, I’ll stop at nothing to see her safe.

The Irina I rescue isn’t the same feisty woman they stole.

Her soul is broken. Her heart is hollow like mine, because of the things she’s seen. She needs me in a way I’ve never known.

And I will destroy the man who shattered what’s mine.

About Adelaide Forrest

Adelaide fell in love with books at a young age and quickly discovered her love for writing soon after. Since then, she’s become a self-professed plot hoarder of over 300 book concepts.
After receiving her degree in Psychology, Adelaide went on to work in a therapeutic riding facility. When her daughter was born, Adelaide traded out her boots to be a stay-at-home mom. In 2019, she added author to those job duties after a lifetime of dreaming about it.

She lives in New York with her husband, two children, and their dog and cat who all make up the center of her world.

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