Cover Reveal: Written On Her Heart (Calloway Cove #1) by Paige Ryan

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Cover Reveal: Written On Her Heart (Calloway Cove #1) by Paige RyanTitle: Written On Her Heart
Author: Paige Ryan
Series: Calloway Cove #1
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: April 23, 2014
Genre: New Adult
More Info: Goodreads
To escape the ensuing media whirlwind after scandalous events in his novels were revealed to be true, big-time author Ford Delaney relocates to Callaway Cove.

When 21-year-old budding writer, Andi Callaway, returns home for college break, she discovers her literary idol - Ford Delaney, a world famous novelist - has taken refuge in her tiny hometown.

Andi determines to win a job as his assistant - but being hired by the handsome, reclusive author means competing with her friends for the job and ignoring the wishes of her longtime boyfriend.

As romantic sparks begin to fly between Andi and Ford, the heat they generate will either forge a powerful, enduring love or threaten everything she holds dear.



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About Paige Ryan

You’ve come to my blog, and now you’re wondering, who’s Paige Ryan? This is the part where I’m supposed to tell you about myself. I could tell you that I am a romance writer. Or that I have my first novel coming out in 2014. Sure, I could tell you those kind of things. Like where I’m from, when I was born, etc. etc. But I’m not particularly fond of traditional bio’s, so I’ll list some fun, or at the very least, interesting, facts about myself instead.

I like pumpkin spice lattes in the fall, Halloween, and snowflakes.
Early morning is my favorite time of day, and I prefer a good sunrise over a sunset.
My mother’s my best friend (and I’m not afraid to admit it)!
I’m a chocolate fanatic, coffee fanatic, and wine fanatic — overall fanatic.
For me, writing is a process that cannot be rushed.
I dream of having a point in my life, where I take three months and do nothing but travel to exotic places.
My family is the most important thing to me.
I love gardening and tend to have a green thumb outdoors , but will kill any indoor plant almost instantaneously.
I used to dream of opening a little bakery/coffee shop, where I’d sell books.
I used to be anti-Kindle until I got my first one, then I ate my own words because I could never go without one again.
My favorite holiday is Easter. Oh, and I’m a big sucker for Valentines Day. I always have been.
My favorite color is that particular light green color used for baby clothes. What is it? Sea-foam?
I have an obsessive personality, ( I got it honest. Thanks Mom.) but, thank heavens, it seems to be limited only to my work.

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