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Promo & Giveaway: Blind Trust (Woodland Creek) by Raci AmesTitle: Blind Trust
Author: Raci Ames
Series: Woodland Creek
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: November 15, 2015
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Healer Pia Matthews is just getting her life back on track after a fire left her blind. After months of depression and rehabilitation, she’s regaining her independence thanks to an Clark, a red wolf shifter who stays almost exclusively in his animal form and. He lived in the woods by her parents house,  watched her struggle during her recovery, and fell in love with from afar. When he overheard her need for a Seeing Eye dog, he followed her around until she adopted his wolf form.

Jeremiah’s a cougar shifter who moved to London to escape the animal inside of him, and to become the person he wanted to be. Though he built a life for himself and a business there, Pia’s handicap makes him question everything. He comes back to Woodland Creek to help launch the Apothecary and finds a wolf guarding her that he doesn’t trust one bit.

Pia’s need for both Clark and Jeremiah sets of a natural competition between the two that threatens Pia’s trust and safety. If they can’t resolve their animal difference in the human world, they will both lose her.


Woodland Creek Series.

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Blind Trust - Raci Ames


Masterful hands dipped and twisted, instinctively finding her most sensitive points, some she had never even noticed before. With each movement and murmur she made, he adjusted the pace and the pressure, she felt like her skin was burning from the inside. He pushed her shirt up to her shoulders, releasing her breasts from under her bra, but he didn’t actually take anything off.

“You’re so much more beautiful than the last time I saw you like this,” he said. She ran her hands along his cheeks to feel the reverence on his face and tugged his lips to hers. He used the leverage of the movement to pull her down onto the floor, and he wrapped her legs around his waist to pull her to his chest. Long fingers gripped her bum, and split her legs around his hips. She gasped at the size and steel of him, and the way they simply like puzzle pieces snapping in.

And then she had to move.

He groaned and bit at her lips, dragging the bottom one to open her mouth. He rocked his tongue in to explore, matching the rhythm of their hips. She put one hand in his hair, trapping their faces together, while the other hand moved down to press at the place they joined together.

“Too much denim in the way,” she said, flicking open her button and dragging on her zipper. But he grabbed her hand to stop her.

“Ugh, what’s wrong now?” she asked, panic sneaking in. They’d come exactly to this point in their younger years, only to have him go running.

“Save it for when we’re not in the store. I’m gonna get you off with all our clothes on, just like high school.”

“It didn’t feel nearly this good then,” Pia said, stuttering out a laugh.

“Did to me,” Jeremiah said, slipping his hands inside her pants to cup her ass and stroke beneath her simple cotton underwear. That leverage allowed him to rock and grind against her until her breath came out in little puffs and she had taken over the motion to speed them up. The temperature of her skin increased in degrees with each minute, and she was desperate to release, but she needed something more. She bit at his neck, pulling up color with his teeth, and then tilting her head to give him access to do the same.

That extra sensation hit her at the same time a growl came from the other side of the room. The combination of everything sent her shooting to the moon. Jeremiah kept moving for just another minute, and wet exploded on his jeans. And both of them started laughing.

“Thank you,” Pia said, when she could talk again, and Jeremiah nodded.

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About Raci Ames

Raci Ames is the author of sexy romance novels that make your heart race. They write about couples that are gay, straight and everything in between. The one thing you can count on is that love wins. Always.

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