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Promo & Giveaway: The Face In The Mirror by Barbara S. StewartTitle: The Face In The Mirror
Author: Barbara Stewart
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: April 16, 2014
More Info: Goodreads
Loss brings things home. You reflect on what you had, and what you’ve lost.
What if you met the love of your life... Again?
What if he never fell out of love with you?
And you realized that you were still in love with him.
Could you push the past aside…
And focus on the future?
Relive what was good…
And learn from the bad?
What if you found a secret…
That revealed that everything about your family was a lie…
Changed your thoughts on love and commitment…
And turned all that you believe in upside down...
What if a mirror reflected what you loved…
And what you lost?
The Face in the Mirror E-Book Cover


As we got closer to home, I decided I had more to say. I gulped in a big breath and said, “Mitchell, I don’t want you to leave me.”

“Waiving your fifth-amendment rights, I see.” We stopped at a red light and he turned to me. His gaze was intense, seeming to look right through me, seeing my soul, my thoughts – my heart.

Finally, he asked, “Why?”

“Not because I don’t want to be alone, because I want to be together. There’s a big difference.”

“Just for the night?”

“What do you want?”

“No, Renie, you started this conversation. You opened this door. I want to know what you want.”

“You, Mitchell. All of you. I want to be together with you.”

“Don’t open a door you aren’t ready to continue through, Renie, because I won’tlet you close it on me again. Make sure what you really want. I mean it. You won’twalk away from me again.”


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Rock and Roll Trilogy

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Beth Morgan is a young woman who’s just been given the ‘once in a lifetime’ opportunity to meet her favorite band, Traveler. That meeting leads to a chance encounter with her idol, the band’s lead singer, Andy Stevens. What follows is a love story. A journey through the peaks, valleys and trials of a relationship lived in the public eye; the miles they traveled together through his career in the music business, and her struggles to stay obscure in a world she never really settled into comfortably. In the end it’s all about love, fate, and what the heart can’t hold back.


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Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “For everything you have missed, you have gained something else, and for everything you gain, you lose something else.” That quote was profound to Carlee. 

She’d experienced great loss, but love surrounded her. Andy worked hard to fill any void she experienced. He made sure that what was missing was full. He learned late in life how to live a life based on someone else’s needs. He gave her love and support, his time and his heart. 

But nothing she knew could have prepared her for the love she found on a once in a lifetime European jaunt with her Papa…


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Andy Stevens was a ‘Rock God’ of the music world in the 1970s and 80s. He lived his life on the road, going from one concert venue to the next. And then he met the sweet girl-next-door, Beth Morgan, his “Bethy”. As a couple they spent many years together traveling life’s highway – a path with many ups and downs, detours, and finally a place where they would spend their forever together, but forever was a brief moment.

Carlee Oliver became an unexpected addition to Andy’s life that changed his direction completely. She taught him how to love – unconditionally – and became the daughter he never knew he needed. But now she was off in Europe, married, sharing her life with a new husband, and for the first time in many years, Andy found himself alone.

Reflections of years past and memories led him on a new journey.

Could he share his heart again…?



The Face in the Mirror Printable 330 6x9

About Barbara Stewart

Barbara S Stewart (7/13/1959) – Is a yankee-billy. She was born in Havre de Grace, MD, but raised a BRATS (you’ll find it in the book!).

Residing in Middleburg, FL with her husband, Gene, they share their home with a fat cat named Kooky. She’s worked in the electronics industry, and most recently in healthcare. In 2009, she was awarded the American Cancer Society’s HOPE award for volunteerism.

She writes love stories, and the ideas usually evolve from music – a song she hears that ‘paints a picture.’ She refers to her writing as ‘the sound-track of her life.’ Sprinkled through her stories are humor and sadness based on experiences shared with family and friends. If you know her you may read something and think, ‘is that me?’ You never know… She loves books by Adriana Trigiani and Nora Roberts, and loves exploring new, self-published authors like her.

The third book in the Rock and Roll Trilogy – Feel Like Makin’ Love will be released later in 2013. She also has another work in progress, The Face in the Mirror that she hopes to release sometime in 2013, as well.

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