Release Blitz: Master of Salt & Bones by Keri Lake

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Release Blitz: Master of Salt & Bones by Keri LakeTitle: Master of Salt & Bones
Author: Keri Lake
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: April 22, 2020
Genre: Dark Romance
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Meet the Devil of Blackthorne Manor...

When I was a little girl, I dreamed a handsome knight would come and rescue me from my wretched mother. He’d ride up on his white steed and break the curse I’ve been fated to carry since the day I was born.

Funny how things changed over time.
How the fairy tale twisted into something far more crooked, darker than I ever imagined.

In reality, my knight is scarred and broken, living alone in a castle of bones that overlooks the sea. He isn’t searching for me. He never was.

Lucian Blackthorne is as cursed as I am, and equally shunned by the locals, the fishers of men, who believe him to be the devil in the flesh.

Perhaps he is, with the way his amber eyes draw me in, ignite me like an infernal blaze. And the sins he whispers in my ear are as wickedly intoxicating as the man himself.

Yet, his touch is heaven and his will is my weakness.

He calls us forbidden, an unsalvageable tragedy, with no happy end. Maybe we are. But in this story, he’s the one who needs saving.

But in this story, he’s the one who needs saving.

Title: Master of Salt & Bones

Genre: Dark Romance

Author: Keri Lake

Release Date: April 22, 2020


“A complex maze of lies and truth, wrong and right, heartbreak and healing, when you finally reach the center you find a slow burn love story that will mend your tattered pieces.”

-Diane, Goodreads Reviewer

“Master of Salt & Bones was a chilling, passionate, and consuming dark romance that will leave you believing there’s good in everyone, and even the darkest souls need love.”

-FMA Book Reviews

“Magical, all encompassing, enthralling, with a dark undercurrent and a romance that’s literally to die for, this book was everything!”

-Dirty Girl Romance Blog

“I am so head over heels in love with the setting of this book. It is basically set in my ultimate dream residence… a creepy af, gothic castle on a cliff, in a small town full of secrets and mystery. Gah! So amazing! I felt like I was really there.”

-Leave Me Alone I’m Reading Blog

“Master of Salt and Bones is the teetering balance of walking a tightrope of pleasure and pain. In the distance youre drawn to the edge of the light only to find more comfort in the darkness.”

-Amuse Me Books Blog

“This isn’t your typical dark romance, it is so much more. My heart melted, broke and was put back together so many times.”

-Joy, Goodreads Reviewer

“I loved how this novel still had that mysterious, heart-pumping writing style that Lake always delivers, with a great twist that leaves you physically wanting more.”

-Belle, Goodreads Reviewer

“Master of Salt & Bones (MoSaB) was pure perfection. Isa and Lucian were absolutely amazing and I could not devour this story fast enough.”

-Bookgasms Book Blog

“To all dark & twisted lovers, this one is definitely for you.”

-Priscilla, Goodreads Reviewer

 “The author created an intriguing storyline which alternates from past to present. In the past, we learn of Lucian’s troubled childhood, who has made him the man he is today. As his story is revealed, I couldn’t help but be sympathetic for him, despite his ruthlessness in the present. The setting of the story, with a remote castle filled with dark secrets, brings in a haunting element to the story.”

-After Dark Book Lovers Blog

“This book has wrecked me for all others.”

-Melissa, Goodreads Reviewer

“Captivating and spellbinding, my head was all over the place with possibilities throughout. I needed to know, but didn’t want it to end. I couldn’t put it down. I’m not ashamed to say I became a little enchanted even with all the darkness. I’m a little lost now.”

-Zoe, Goodreads Reviewer

About Keri Lake

Keri Lake is a dark romance writer who specializes in demon wrangling, vengeance dealing and wicked twists. Her stories are gritty, with antiheroes that walk the line of good and bad, and feisty heroines who bring them to their knees. When not penning books, she enjoys spending time with her husband, daughters, and their rebellious Labrador (who doesn’t retrieve a damn thing). She runs on strong coffee and alternative music, loves a good red wine, and has a slight addiction to dark chocolate.

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