Release Blitz: Unbearable Guilt (Breathe Again, #2) by Emma Grayson

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Release Blitz: Unbearable Guilt (Breathe Again, #2)  by Emma GraysonTitle: Unbearable Guilt
Author: Emma Grayson
Series: Breathe Again, #2
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: February 24, 2014
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Kane Archer hasn’t always been tormented; he hasn’t always hated himself or been full of rage. He hasn’t always lived his life with an overpowering sense of guilt that threatens to destroy him.

There was a time when his life was different. He was optimistic; he smiled and laughed; he loved passionately; he had it all.

Kane was content—until the unthinkable took it all away.

Two and a half years later and still reeling from his fiancée’s death, Kane returns to the one place he vowed he’d never visit again—Camden—with the promise to find the men who killed her and bring them to justice, regardless of the cost.

Emotionally numb, stricken by guilt, and haunted by the events preceding Aimee’s death, the last thing Kane wanted was to meet someone he connected with; someone who made him feel again.

As Kane gets closer to those responsible for Aimee’s death, he is thrown a curveball when he discovers a secret so devastating it rocks his world and threatens to destroy his chance at happiness.

Whitney Jareau packed up her life when tragedy struck her family, leaving everything behind. Finally free from the persistent and domineering family that insisted she do the one thing she couldn’t, Whitney found peace in Camden.

Two years later, her family wants her to come home and will stop at nothing to get her there. Wearing her heart on her sleeve for Kane Archer, a man so gorgeous it hurts to see the pain he carries, Whitney fights her family and refuses to return home to carry out their wishes.

Can Whitney stay strong without giving in to the demands of her family?

Can Kane let go of the past and move forward with the woman who brought him back to life?

Or, will he walk away from her and carry the burden of UNBEARABLE GUILT.


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I swallowed.

It suddenly felt very hot in the pizza palace, and I desperately wanted to get up and run outside for some air, and possibly go for a run—a run that led back to my apartment, where I could hide.

I didn’t think he’d mind me answering in the form of a text.

A simple ‘Hell to the NO!’ would do.

“Fisher, I… um, I… listen, you’re—”

The words fell silent, and whatever I was about to say vanished when I felt a pair of eyes on the back of my head. My heart jumped in my chest as I casually looked to my left and inevitably met a pair of piercing green eyes.

Of course.


He was looking at me with his head tilted to the side and brows creased together with curiosity. His eyes dropped to my hand, still in Fisher’s grasp, and then back to me with a smirk, before he looked away to whomever he was with.

There were four of them: Kane, two guys, and a woman.

I’d seen the woman before, once, a couple of days earlier, when she’d come into Beans. She had funky hair, funky clothes, great heels, and a hell of an accent.

But the guys—I definitely hadn’t seen them before.

The one on Kane’s right had dark sandy blond hair, longer on the top and shorter along the sides. He was tall, almost as tall as Kane. He had broad shoulders, and hips that were narrower compared to Kane. He was in a pair of jeans, both knees ripped, and a dark fitted shirt under a black coat—buttons undone. He had soft grey eyes.

He was gorgeous.

The one on the left was about the same height as grey eyes with the same type of build, only his arms looked bigger in the bicep area. His skin was more tanned, and his eyes were soft and brown. His blonde hair was slicked back and he wore a pair of black dress pants with a white dress shirt tucked in. The sleeves were rolled to his elbows and the top two buttons also left undone. The best part about him was his smile, because not only did his eyes squint shut as his lips pulled up on the corners, but two perfect dimples formed.

It was enough to make your stomach flip with happiness.

I didn’t know who they were, or where they came from and when, but they looked to have had just walked off the set of some action movie. Men that hot just didn’t walk into a small-town pizza palace.

If it was some action movie, there was no doubt Kane was the lead. You could tell they saw him as a leader just by the way they were standing around him.

Dimples head turned and smiled my way when he caught me staring. I watched long enough to see him nudge Kane’s arm, and then motion with his head in my direction.

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Lexie Todd has held on to three simple words to make it through life’s challenges:

Life. Goes. On.

These words comforted her though circumstances that weren’t always easy, but more importantly, it offered her the promise of something more… someday.

Lexie knows what she needs to do after dealing with years of abuse at the hands of her son’s father. Enlisting the help of her best friend, they go on the run to escape the man who threatens to destroy her life.

They finally find the perfect home in a safe town after months of transience; they decide to stay a while. Suspicious and guarded, always looking over her shoulder, the last thing Lexie wants is to become involved with someone new.

Detective Lukas Gunn is Lexie’s bossy, persistent, and extremely hot neighbor.

After an incident leaves her vulnerable, Lukas discovers that she’s haunted by her past. His goal is to protect her while making Lexie his, but she keeps Lukas at a distance.

When history repeats itself, will Lexie be able to trust those around her to keep her safe? Will Lukas save her from her past in time? Or will the only love she ever knows be unbeautiful?


About Emma Grayson

Emma Grayson is a Canadian author who resides outside of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with her family and six year old son. She is Amazon’s Bestselling author of Unbeautifully Loved, the first book of the Breathe Again series and Take it All, book one of the two part, inspired by real events series, Blinded by Love. Currently she is working on Promise it All, the conclusion to the Blinded by Love series, and also in the prewriting stages of a new trilogy, Breaking the Rules, a spin-off from Blinded by Love. When she’s not writing she enjoys time with her son, coming up with new book plots, going to the movies, reading, enjoying time with girlfriends, and watching rerun episodes of Criminal Minds. She loves music of all kinds, coffee, all things purple, Oilers hockey, and doesn’t leave the house without her iPhone, Kobo, flip flops and a pack of gum.

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