Release Day Blitz: Cooper (Blue Team #5) by Riley Edwards

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Release Day Blitz: Cooper (Blue Team #5) by Riley EdwardsTitle: Cooper
Author: Riley Edwards
Series: Blue Team #5
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: June 28, 2022
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Romantic Suspense
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Cooper Cain left California and quit the job he loved after a hostage situation went bad. Years later he can still hear the screams of the woman he couldn’t save from the stalker that had terrorized her. He hides his pain and failure behind a wall of humor, determined not to let his past ruin his future. Until Kira Winters walks into his life. Fun, flirty, up-for-anything, beautiful Kira who’s resolute to live life on her terms even though she’s in danger.

Kira Winters is a woman who knows what she wants. After spending ten years working for an off-the-books team, she no longer hides in the shadows. Her mission with Patheon is complete and she’s determined to live, to experience everything, to take life and make it her bit*h. She’ll accept nothing less. When she sets her sights on the former SWAT officer, Cooper Cain she’s all-in and will stop at nothing to win him over and keep him. But when the team discovers she has a stalker, Coop demands that she do the one thing she cannot—hide.

Cooper’s past eerily mirrors his present. Can he fight his way out of the darkness that threatens to pull him under to keep the woman he loves? Or will he give her up to protect his heart?

Title: Cooper

Series: Blue Team #5

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense

Author: Riley Edwards

Release Date: June 28, 2022

Owen (Blue Team #1)

Amazon US

Owen Cullen was a dream. Not a dream come true because I’d never dared to dream. He was my wildest fantasy, a hallucination, a delusion. The handsome man who’d saved my life—twice. He was a real-life hero, and I was…what was I? Filth, that was what I was. The daughter of a gangster, the niece of the reigning king of Chicago’s underground. I tried my best not to fall in love with Owen. I tried not to mistake his kindness. I tried to remember the lessons of my youth: Love was a weakness. Sex was a weapon. It didn’t work. I fell in love. Then my uncle found me, and I ruined everything.

Natasha. It was a fake name. One she’d made up on the fly when my team had rescued her from a life worse than death. She had no place to go, so I took her home. It was supposed to be temporary, just until we learned who she was. But the woman proved to be stubborn and kept her secrets buried deep. She’d lived with me for months, and every day the pull of her called to me. I was living a nightmare of my own making. I didn’t trust women, especially the one sleeping in my guest bedroom. I’d fought the good fight. I’d held out for as long as I could. Then all of her secrets came out, but it was too late. I was in too deep. Natasha, the beautiful woman with no last name, was mine. But she had a last name—Pollaski.

Everything came crashing down.

I was no stranger to the battlefield. I was used to blood, guts, and no glory. What I wasn’t accustomed to was the feeling of my heart being torn from my chest. What I was not acquainted with was desperation. Natasha was gone, and I had less than twenty-four hours to find her, or she’d be gone in a different way.

Welcome back to Z Corp and Special Forces—Operation Alpha. New team, new badass former military heroes. Like the teams that have come before, Owen, Gabe, Myles, Kevin, and Cooper are ready for action. With a little help from Susan Stoker’s unparalleled cast of heroes.

Gabe (Blue Team #2)

Amazon US

Gabe Harris was the walking, talking personification of a hero. And a hero was what I needed. My life went from boring to hair-raising with a stroke of a key. I knew better than to poke around on the dark web. But when my friend Kalee Solberg came home months after she’d been presumed dead, I couldn’t stop myself from looking into who was behind her capture. The deeper I dug and the more information I found, the murkier the trail of lies became. Nothing made sense until I hit the motherload, and now someone wants me dead. Not the presumed kind—the blown to smithereens kind. Gabe promised to protect me, vowed to help me get what I needed. However, I realized too late I should’ve run fast and far from the sexy former Navy SEAL. Now I’m in more danger than I was before I met him—in danger of falling in love, which would be catastrophic and can only end in heartbreak. The problem is, my stupid heart wants to live dangerously.

Evette London was the very definition of—right girl wrong time. I knew better than to fall for the investigative reporter. She was hiding more than she was sharing. She was also a friend of a friend, and that never ended well. I wasn’t a forever kind of guy, but my brain was offline, and my heart had gone rogue forgetting all the reasons why I couldn’t fall in love. From the moment the gorgeous reporter showed up at Z Corps announcing someone was trying to kill her, my protective instincts went into hyperdrive. When I discovered why she refused to give up chasing her lead, my respect for her grew. Now I just have to keep her alive long enough so she can uncover who’s really behind her friend Kalee’s captivity. After that, I’m staking my claim.

The Blue Team and Susan Stoker’s Legacy SEALs go back to Timor-Leste to face off against rebel forces, government officials, and corporate powerhouses.

Myles (Blue Team #3)

Amazon US

Former Delta Operator Myles Simms doesn’t know when to quit. The concept so foreign to him he can’t give up on Delilah Watts. A woman he’s never met—a woman who might be the enemy yet he’s compelled to save her.

Intel Specialist Delilah Watts never imagined sending an email would be deadly. Kidnapped and left to die, yet she regrets nothing. She’d blow the whistle over and over again if it meant one life was saved—unfortunately, it just wouldn’t be hers.

A man on the search.

A woman in need of a hero.

A race against time.

Kevin (Blue Team #4)

Amazon US

Former Navy SEAL Kevin Monroe could spot a liar from a mile away. A well-trained government liar?—They were even easier. And the woman sitting across from him in the White House briefing room spinning a tale of corruption, treason, and staged murder was a drop-dead-smokin’-hot professional liar with arresting eyes. The instant and undeniable attraction made her far more dangerous than the lies she told. Falling in love with Layla was out of the question. Yet he’d give up everything to protect her—even from his teammates.

Former CIA Officer Layla Cummings was full of secrets. But only one would send Zane Lewis, owner of Z Corps, over the edge into DEFCON 1 territory. A secret about one of his men, Garrett Davis. She would lie, cheat, and lie some more to keep her secret buried until they agreed to help her rescue her missing teammate. Lying was her craft. The duplicitous game of espionage was something she’d mastered. But there was one man she couldn’t deceive, a man who saw straight through her all the way down to the ugly truth. Falling in love with Kevin was her biggest betrayal. She’d soon learn if the truth would set her free or if she’d die by the same blade she’d plunged in Garrett’s back.

A dead man returns only to go missing. The Blue Team races across the globe to save a man they’d thought was dead, only to find him already gone. Now they must sort through a web of lies before the enemy they didn’t know they had takes down his target—Zane Lewis and the rest of the men of Z Corps.

About Riley Edwards

Riley Edwards is a bestselling multi-genre author, wife, and military mom. Riley was born and raised in Los Angeles but now resides on the east coast with her fantastic husband and children.

Riley writes heart-stopping romance with sexy alpha heroes and even stronger heroines. Riley’s favorite genres to write are romantic suspense and military romance.

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