Release Day Blitz + Giveaway: A Love So Tragic by Stevie J Cole

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Release Day Blitz + Giveaway: A Love So Tragic by Stevie J ColeTitle: A Love So Tragic
Author: Stevie J Cole
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: February 15, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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We all make them. Sometimes we break them. But what happens when the promise you break haunts your dreams, when that moment of betrayal echoes within every last beat of your heart? 

Love is passionate, painful, and all consuming in the most brutal yet beautiful way. How many people have you said 'I love you' to? Five, ten, maybe no one? I've said that word to two men, but only one where I felt it. 

This word sums up my relationship with Nicolas: devastating, painful, depressing. 
A first love that should have lasted a lifetime, but I ruined with a stupid decision.  Shakespeare would refer to Nicolas as my star crossed lover, and I should know that stories such as ours always end in tragedy, but even with that, I can't not love him, even if I'm married to someone else.

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Title: A Love so Tragic

Author: Stevie J Cole

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: February 15, 2016

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Three songs in, two shots later, sweat is dripping down the center of my back. My head swims in a blissful drunkenness. Nic’s hands brush down my sides before he grabs onto my ass, and thrusts my hips against his, grinding me against his erection.

He places his lips by my ear. “Fuck, I miss this,” he says with a growl as he yanks me harder against his body. His teeth graze over my earlobe. “Let me take you home,” he says, kissing down my neck and over my throat.

I’m shaking my head no, but grabbing onto him and tilting my head back to grant him better access to my neck.

“No one will ever know.” His hands glide up my back to my shoulders. Fisting my hair, he tugs me to his face. “Whatever’s going on with you and Isaac—you want out…I’ll save you, and if you don’t, well, I’ll help you get away with it.”

And I swear, for a split-second, I stop breathing.

His eyes seer into mine before falling to my mouth. Cupping the back of my head in his hands, he rolls his bottom lip over mine. My breath falls ragged as I fight the urge to slam my mouth over his. I want to, but the way his lip is barely brushing against mine is too beautiful. It’s dragging out the inevitable, just like we have been doing.

“I shouldn’t…” he whispers against my mouth.

I remember the way this feels, how his kisses always left me undone, and I can’t stop the slight moan that trickles from my lips to his. With that, his mouth claims mine in a vicious kiss and without pause, it’s like we’ve never spent a day apart. Our lips are in sync, our tongues brushing against each other in rhythm. I don’t fight him, I sink into him, parting my lips and letting his tongue sweep against mine. He pulls me in closer, deepening the kiss.

The loud music blares around us, the people moving in beat beside us have no idea what awful thing we’re doing, what horrible, festering wound we’ve just ripped back open. His hands, his body, his mouth, the taste of him—the man who should, at this point, be a stranger to me—consumes me. His hands are in my hair, his body pressed against mine. And with this one kiss he’s proved that he still owns me. Nic tears away from me, taking my hand and pulling me from the dance floor. And I stumble after him without even realizing it.

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About Stevie J Cole

Stevie J. Cole likes to write realistic stories with raw, gritty characters you should hate but can’t help but to love.

She’s obsessed with rock music, loves sloths, and has an unnatural obsession with British accents.

Her books are not recommended for the faint of heart.

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