Release Day Blitz + Giveaway: Rough Stock (Star Valley #1) by Dahlia West

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Release Day Blitz + Giveaway: Rough Stock (Star Valley #1) by Dahlia WestTitle: Rough Stock
Author: Dahlia West
Series: Star Valley #1
Publisher: Cardinal Points Publishing lLC
Release Date: March 1, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, Western
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The last place on Earth ex-barrel racer Rowan Archer wants to be is back in these foothills, where a Barlow broke her heart. But her family's fallen on hard times as well, and hard times breed hard choices.She wants to run away, back to Cheyenne, back to safety, but she can't, and it wouldn't do any good anyway. No matter how far she gets, she's got a daily reminder of her painful past with soulful brown eyes, a gap-toothed grin, and questions about how her daddy got "lost."

Rowan is determined to protect her daughter from the heartache she suffered and she'll hold off the entire Barlow family with a rifle and a pack of vicious guard dogs if she has to.No Barlow will set foot on her family's ranch, not cheating Court who abandoned her years ago, not even his soft-spoken older brother Seth who comes to plead his wild younger brother's case.But Rowan's heart is as hard as the mountains that shelter them all and she vows that she'll never make the same mistake again.


Welcome to Star Valley, a beautiful yet brutal landscape nestled at the foot of the Grand Tetons, where the Barlows have lived off the land for more than one hundred years.They’ve fallen on hard times, though, and their survival is in doubt. Bankruptcy looms as dark as the storm clouds that are gathering. All five Barlow sons have gathered at the Snake River Ranch in a last ditch effort to preserve their family’s legacy. As it was a hundred years ago, the mountains will decide their fate.


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Wrangler (Star Valley #2)

Coming May 1st!


Sawyer Barlow is the family goof-off. Never one to take life too seriously, he works hard but prefers roping and riding–fillies and women–and he does both any chance he gets.

A drunken bet sets his sights on Cassidy Conroy, Star Valley’s prissy little b…beauty queen. She’s rich and spoiled and thinks she’s too good for a Barlow. He’s not interested in chasing her too far, but he’ll knock boots with her for one tequila-fueled night with a hundred bucks on the line.

Cassidy is on a mission, unfortunately, and one she’d rather abandon altogether. A Barlow is making eyes at her from across a pool table, but it’s the wrong brother. Sawyer’s cute and funny, though, and she sure could use the good time he’s promising her. She should say no. Her daddy will kill her, but when he turns that dark Barlow gaze on her, all bets are off.

A one night stand turns into a desperate plea for help when a brutal betrayal hits Cassidy hard. Broken and bruised with no where to go, she ends up in the one place she was trying to get away from–the Snake River Ranch.

Sawyer is shocked when she turns up at his door, but his sense of honor won’t let him turn her away. The others are suspicious of her motives, but Sawyer thinks he sees a side to her that no one else can.

Days at Snake River are hard for Cassidy as she tries–and fails–to find her place on the ranch and in life. But nights in Sawyer’s bed set her blood on fire. Sawyer’s a wrangler through and through and no one is more surprised than Cassidy when he lassoes her heart.

But as old Kit Barlow used to say, Truth Will Out. Cassidy’s secrets are revealed and the mismatched couple has to decide whether what they have is real or just a good time gone too far.

Maverick (Star Valley #3)

Coming Soon 2016!


Austin Barlow took a chance on a tapped out mine next to his family’s ranch and now he’s reaping the rewards in ways no one predicted. Austin’s Folly is the talk of the state and he’s pleased his brothers are being forced to eat crow.

He’s accepting an award at a swanky hotel in the Grand Tetons for his efforts. The alcohol and accolades are flowing freely when a frisky filly with a ridiculously dirty mouth offers to throw a saddle on him and ride him hard. She’s obviously in over her head and it’s adorable.

Of course he’ll take her up on her offer. You only live once, right? In the morning he’ll be back at the Folly, and away from civilization for a while, so getting tangled in the hotel sheets with a pretty girl is just what he needs.

Leah Pierce has a new lease on life and she’s grabbing the bull by the…horns. In town for a friend’s wedding and spurred by bachelorette party hijinks, she stumbles into the hotel bar on uncomfortably high heels, looking for a set of cowboy boots. The pair she spots are on the sexiest man she’s ever laid eyes on. With a little boost from her friend “Jack” she works up the courage to ask him to come up to her room.

The sex is incredible, the night unforgettable, even through the whiskey-soaked haze. In the morning Leah’s crossed off another item on her Reverse Bucket List–and gotten a souvenir to boot–which is cause for concern. She needs to find her dreamy dude–and fast–even though she only got a first name.

Austin is stunned when his green broke little filly shows up at Snake River looking for him. She’s got a newspaper tucked under her arm sporting his photo with a headline that reads “Wyoming Wild Man Works Wonders,” but if she thinks she can snag herself a piece of the empire he and his brothers are rebuilding, she’s got another thing coming.

Twister (Star Valley #4)

Coming Soon 2016!


Phoenix Snow came into the world already at a disadvantage and not just because of her name. She’s the short, plain daughter of a supermodel, but she’s learned to make the best of it. Instead of being in front of the camera, she’s behind it. A fashion photographer in L.A., she’s happy enough just to photograph beautiful people if she can’t be one.

She has a great eye and she never misses a shot. That photo of her fiancé with his hand up a runway model’s skirt is particularly sharp. It cuts to the bone, in fact. Before she’s even aware of what she’s doing, she’s applied for a job as a wildlife photographer for a magazine and hopped on a plane to Star Valley, Wyoming to get as far away from L.A. as possible.

For Phoenix, the Tetons are a happy, hazy memory of summers spent with her grandfather, August Snow, world famous wildlife photographer. He’s gone now, but he left Phoenix his quaint little cabin, nestled in the bend of the great Snake River. It’s the perfect place to hide out and lick her wounds.

Well, it would be, if it had a roof. Or indoor plumbing. Or a working fireplace. She’d settle for a soft bed at this point. But no amount of hardship will make her turn back, not even when latin lothario Gabriel Vasquez heats up her sheets every night, but tells her to get the hell out of dodge every morning.

As the Twister for the Barlow family, Gabe’s job is to break in new horses, but it’s been just as fun teaching Phoenix a thing or two about how to ride cowboys. He enjoys bedding down with his little city girl, but as far as he’s concerned she isn’t cut out for Wyoming and should just go back home where she belongs. He’s been burned before by a high-class woman who claimed to be ready for the ranch and the ride, a woman who turned out to be anything but.

Gabe’s not making that mistake again, but he’ll enjoy Phoenix while she’s here. God knows he can’t resist the challenge she presents. It’s painfully obvious that Phoenix Snow hasn’t been under the hand of a strong, savvy male before, but she’ll learn to respond to Gabe’s every touch soon enough, like any nervous, untrusting filly does for a good, skilled cowboy—at least for as long as she’s in Star Valley.

Bossman (Star Valley #5)

Coming Soon 2017!


Dakota Vazquez has worked damned hard for the Barlows all her life. Raised on Snake River Ranch alongside the Barlow brothers, she knows the place better than anyone–and loves it just as much. She had plans and ideas as big as the Tetons to rebuild Snake River, even better and more profitable than it was before. The only thing standing in her way is the Bossman.

The oldest of the Barlow brothers, the fate of Snake River Ranch falls on Walker’s broad shoulders. Until now he’s been so focused on making sure the ranch has a future that he’s neglected to work on having one of his own. But that doesn’t mean he’s not sure what he wants. He’s had smart-mouthed, whip-sharp Dakota on the back burner for years and it’s finally time to make his move.

She’s pestering him with schemes and dreams about the ranch when all he wants is to get her in the sack. Snake River is his and he knows how to run it. If Dakota could learn to take orders on the ranch as well as she does in bed, she’d make the perfect rancher’s wife. But Dakota is as headstrong as the horses she cares for, and she won’t take to the bit as easily as Walker would like.

Things heat up, both in and out of the bedroom, annoying and arousing them both until Dakota finally brings things to a halt. She’s done she says, unless Walker can accept her as a partner as well as a wife. Walker can’t agree though. He’s worked too hard, brought Snake River too far, to trust Dakota to take the reins.

A Barlow woman is as good as her word, and though Dakota doesn’t have Walker’s last name, she shares the same fiery spirit of his great-grandmother who helped carve the land into one of the greatest ranches in Wyoming. Neither willing to budge, Dakota leaves Walker and Snake River, finally calling his bluff.

Walker is devastated, unsure whether to let her go or bring her back, kicking and screaming. One thing is certain; he never thought she’d leave the land she loves so much. Her absence echoes off the hills and plains, the creeks and bluffs. Snake River is not the same without Dakota Vazquez. And neither is Walker Barlow.

Shadow Rider (Star Valley #6)

Coming Soon 2017!


Bronc rider Court Barlow gave up the rodeo to return to Snake Valley and help his brothers save the family legacy. When he found out he had a daughter, he also gave up sowing his wild oats but not in time to salvage his broken relationship. He may not have it in him to be a decent husband, but he’s determined to be a father–and a damn good one.

Court’s given up his wild, carefree lifestyle for his tiny, little Calamity Jane. He splits his time between the range and being a steady presence in his daughter’s life. If that’s all he can have, then he’ll make the best of it.

A woman in a man’s world, Skye Chambers knew she wouldn’t be able to just wave her veterinarian’s license around town and attract a slew of clients. But she didn’t know it’d be this hard to snag even one.

Her father’s forced retirement has hit their family veterinary practice hard and Skye’s desperate to hang on to her own family’s legacy. A chance encounter gets her one shot at possibly landing her dream job, and she’s determined to make the most out of it.

Ride out and rough it for a few weeks on Wyoming’s open range? Not a problem. Tend to the Barlow’s stock during calving season? That’s what she’s trained for. Survive Court Barlow and his nasty temper? Skye would rather face down a grizzly bear.

But she’s intrigued from the minute they meet. Local gossip is that Court Barlow is a Shadow Rider, a cowboy so in love with himself that he admires his shadow on the trail rather than tending to the cattle he’s herding.

Tales of Court’s rides–on and off horseback–are nearly legendary in Star Valley. But that doesn’t seem to mesh with the surly, unshaven man who barely tolerates Skye’s presence on the range.

Court’s battling demons; that part’s plain enough to see. And Skye’s waging her own war against the old boy network that won’t even let her get her boot in the door. Two family legacies at stake; two reputations on the line.

Will two people who have no time for love fall head over heels anyway?

Rustler (Star Valley #7)

Coming Soon 2017!


Dallas Brooks stuck his nose in where it didn’t belong, but things seemed to have worked out okay. Dakota Vasquez is safe now and married to Dallas’ new boss, Walker Barlow.

This is closer than Dallas ever thought he’d get to the Barlows and the Snake River Ranch. What a coincidence…that’s exactly where he wants to be.

Honor Jones is desperate. Fired from her job as a bank teller after she’s accused of theft, she can’t find work in Star Valley. Word around town is that Snake River is looking for a ranch cook, and Honor’s not above asking her former classmates Dakota and Cassidy for the job.

The Barlows and their hired hands seem nice, and it takes every ounce of Honor’s culinary skills to feed the perpetually hungry lot of cowboys. One takes a little too long to get through the chow line every night, and his lingering gaze has Honor going to bed feeling hungrier than ever.

The slow burn between Honor and Dallas finally ignites into a wildfire, until the passion they share threatens to consume them both. Dallas’ past is a mystery, but Honor doesn’t care. The only thing that matters is the spark between them that seems to grow hotter every night.

Suddenly the flames are doused when Snake River suffers a series of mishaps. A fire. An explosion. Dead cattle. And Honor’s worst nightmare: Money is missing. In a desperate bid to save herself, she points the finger at Dallas, and the flame that brought her to life every night is finally snuffed out.

Questions swirl around them like a twister. Who is Dallas? Is he here to bring down Snake River? Did he ever love her? Can she ever stop loving him?

About Dahlia West

I live in North Carolina with so many pets that every time it rains I consider building an ark. I majored in English Education, though most of my jobs have involved using my hands: framing art, grooming dogs, stocking shelves. I started writing about seven years ago to avoid going back to a real job.

I’ve recently taken up roller derby just to test my health insurance coverage.

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