Release Day Blitz: Hook Up (Taking Chances #2) by TC Matson

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Release Day Blitz: Hook Up (Taking Chances #2) by TC MatsonTitle: Hook Up
Author: TC Matson
Series: Taking Chances #2
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: April 28, 2020
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Most people would look at my life and swear it’s the building block for a romantic comedy.
But for me—it’s anything but amusing.
While I’m helping my best friend plan her wedding, I get hit with a bomb.
One that ruins all my hopes and dreams of marriage and starting a family.
My long-term boyfriend isn’t only a lying, cheating, piece of worthlessness,
He’s also in love with the woman he’s been seeing behind my back.
Now I’m forced to act like my best friend’s wedding isn’t going to hurt my soul while I try to mend my heart.

What’s the best way to get over a broken heart?
A no strings attached hook-up.
Nothing helps heal like a good lay.
But there’s this one hot, witty, flirtatious and delicious man who is completely off-limits.
The best man.
Despite my best attempts to say no, a pre-wedding vacation trip snaps my willpower.
Even when we’re back home and I know it’s a bad idea, I still can’t seem to say no.

While I try to pretend nothing is going on, he’s dead set on convincing me to give him a chance.
I mean, nothing puts friendships on the line like lying about why I have a smile on my face.

Now we just have to figure out if we can make this work without ruining an entire circle of friends who I consider family.

Title: Hook Up

Series: Taking Chances #2

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author: TC Matson

Release Date: April 28, 2020

Set Up (Taking Chances #1)

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There’s nothing wrong with being single.
I’m not a woman scorned.
There’s no heartbreak I’m recovering from.
I just enjoy not having to answer to anyone and doing what I want when I want.
Unfortunately, my two wonderful best friends think the opposite and decide to meddle.
Just because they’re both happily taken, they believe I should be too.
Their “wonderful” plan?
Speed dating…
A bunch of men and women tossed into a room for a night of awkward dates.
Sounds horrific, right?
But because my signature was forged on the contract, there’s no canceling.

Three men catch my attention.
One steals my heart.
Another steals my time.
And the last one steals my patience.

It doesn’t take long for my heart to betray me and I fall for a man who shatters me.
Now I’m left picking up the pieces and he won’t leave me alone.
Great… Just frickin’ great.

About TC Matson

TC Matson loves to let her character’s voices be heard. With a head full of stories, she puts her keyboard through a beating daily. Matson sets her sights on writing stores relatable and real. And having an understanding that love isn’t always instant and full of flowers—her writing mirrors it. She isn’t afraid to push the envelope and touch bases of uncomfortable situation.

She’s a romance junkie at heart and an avid reader. Add those two together and she will devour books within hours, getting lost in the world the author creates.

Matson resides in the peaceful Piedmont area of NC with her husband and two boys, where staying hopped up on caffeine is the key to her sanity. Chaos is indefinite and a sense of humor is an absolute must.

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