Release Day Blitz: Keep (Seaside Pictures #2) by Rachel Van Dyken

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Release Day Blitz: Keep (Seaside Pictures #2) by Rachel Van DykenTitle: Keep
Author: Rachel Van Dyken
Series: Seaside Pictures #2
Publisher: Van Dyken Enterprises INC
Release Date: July 11, 2016
Genre: Contemporary Romance, New Adult
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My name is shouted on rooftops.
It's written on bras, on the inside of bathroom stalls, hell my name is everywhere.
To say my name is to experience an orgasm without ever leaving your damn house.
My name is Zane "Saint" Andrews.
I'm sex.
I'm a rock god.
I'm also...a virgin.
What they don't know won't kill them right? Give the people what they want. And what they want is the idea of me; the pleasure they gain at listening to my song and knowing without a doubt I'm talking about them and only them.
It worked for a while.
Until a nerdy girl with glasses falls at my feet, literally, and suddenly I don't want to be Saint anymore, what I want? What I really need?
Is to be kept.
By her.

This is a rockstar romance with lots of kissing, sex, funny one liners, and life from a different angle. I hope you guys enjoy, and remember, it's all about the mallow.

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Title: Keep

Series: Seaside Pictures

Genre:  Contemporary/NA Romance

Author: Rachel Van Dyken

Release Date: July 11, 2016

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My palms slid against the guitar, slick with sweat, I tried to wipe them across my jeans, but it was no use. The noise was deafening. I had to remind myself why I was up there. “Saint! Saint! Saint!” Stomping ensued while I knelt down and made the sign of a cross in the air in front of me. “We want Saint! We want Saint!” With a muffled curse, I stood, then reached into my tight jeans to pull out a smashed marshmallow.
I popped it in my mouth and closed my eyes, allowing myself to be transported back to a simpler time, a time when things were easy, when decisions weren’t all on me. When life was about making mud pies and carrying around miniature marshmallows in a measuring cup.
“You don’t have to save the world,” she whispered. “You know that, right?”
“Right.” I furrowed my brow. “But why is it wrong to try?”
“Oh, Zane,” My grandma leaned down to eye level. “Just because your parents were taken from you, doesn’t make it your job to make sure everyone and everything is safe from the bad in the world.”
My frown deepened as she walked off, my two little sisters skipping after her. I was the man of the house. It was my responsibility to take care of the girls, especially Grandma, with no other family but her. That was my job. My papa told me so on my last birthday when I turned six; he said I was a man.
And it was time to be that man.
I quickly ran into my room and started making a list of how I could help. I didn’t want Grandma to lose the house, but how could she keep it if she wasn’t working? I never saw her leave for work, and we used those funny coupon things in line at the store, and sometimes, I had to bring stuff back because we couldn’t afford it.
With determination, I sat at my desk and started writing out my list:
1. Make enough money so Grandma isn’t hungry. Because sometimes she gives me her extra meatloaf. I hate meatloaf.
2. Be famous, so I make money.
3. Make sure Grandma keeps her house.
I thought a little harder, shoving the end of the pen into my mouth. What else? With a grin, I wrote out the last number. Tears ran down my face at the memories but I wrote it anyway.
4. Never, ever run out of marshmallows again.

I took the stage two stairs at a time, hands still shaking, body still trembling with anxiety, and grabbed the mic stand, sliding it in front of me. I gave a smug grin to the waiting crowd as I strummed out the first two notes. The lights dimmed, as the audience cheered, and then I held one finger to my lips as I motioned for them to be quiet.
The entire stadium went silent.
“I’m Saint…” I chuckled. “Are you ready to be saved?”

Capture (Seaside Pictures #1)

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Losing your ability to speak at the age of seventeen; it’s not normal or fair.
But trauma, has a way of throwing normality out the window.

Dani lives anything but a normal life.
Her sister is married to one of the biggest names in Hollywood.
Her best friends are rockstar duo AD2.And she has more love around her than most people experience in a lifetime.
But that doesn’t change the fact their parents are dead.

Or that it’s her fault.

It seems her new normal is being a mute, living on the inside, unable to actually communicate on the outside.
That is until Hollywood’s newest heartthrob Lincoln Greene hires her as his assistant for the summer.
He’s gorgeous, completely unavailable, and unobtainable.
But that doesn’t stop her from wondering… if things were different…would he want her?

If she was whole, would he be the other half?

About Rachel Van Dyken

Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she’s not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

She keeps her home in Idaho with her husband, adorable son, and two snoring boxers! She loves to hear from readers!

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