Release Day Blitz: Mercy (Forever #3) by India R Adams

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Release Day Blitz: Mercy (Forever #3) by India R AdamsTitle: Mercy
Author: India R Adams
Series: Forever #3
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: October 31, 2018
Genre: Contemporary Romance, Fantasy
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Love may not conquer all...

Three Days. Father will be released from prison in three days. And his threats against me are about to come to fruition. The danger is as real as Dereck and my love.

Dereck is ready to fight for my life. I think he senses it’s coming to that.
I’m his - in this life and any other life that exists - and I know he’ll do anything for me.
His bright white light is blinding.

But with my life in danger, Dereck's kindness may not be enough to protect me this time.
The clock is ticking... and my life is not the only one at risk.

Title: Mercy

Series: Forever #3

Genre: Contemporary Fantasy Romance

Author: India R Adams

Release Date: October 31, 2018

Serenity (Forever #1)

Amazon US

I wish heroes didn’t only exist in fairy tales.

The closest I have to the myth is Skyler, my best friend. Maybe it’s selfish, but I’m so grateful not to be alone in my life, or in our high school parking lot when the bullying begins. Every morning, standing by my side is my best friend.

Sky and I are… different. Or, at least, that is how it feels. So, we hold each other near and keep everyone else at bay. The only two people who can see through our defense are the Wise Ones. They love us unconditionally and do their best to shelter us, but they’re high schoolers themselves. How can I break their hearts and tell them they are… failing?

My name is Serenity. And I am a girl with secrets.

When I meet Dereck and instantly have visions of past lives with him, I have to think that maybe heroes really do exist.

But can I trust the light he brings? Or will his brightness only lead me further into the dark?

Destiny (Forever #2)

Amazon US

The darkness won’t interfere with our love…

Dereck has lost me in every lifetime I can remember. But not this time.
I’m determined that he’ll have me in the future, the past, and most importantly, the present.
If only the darkness will stop getting in the way.

I’m just now starting to learn what I can do. Will I have the chance to find out the deeper meaning of who – and what – I am? How are Destiny and I really connected? The more we shine, the more we are seen. And the more we are seen, the more others notice… and try to interfere with fate.

But we won’t be lost to the darkness. We will fight for what we know is real: our love – and our future

About India R Adams

India is either hiding away and writing in the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina, in a studio writing and recording songs for the Forever series, in yoga trying to find her Zen (that keeps escaping her), walking down an old dirt road (no joke), outdoors with her dogs and family (because to live without the sun is a crime), in a coffee shop talking books (Caf’n’chat), or floating in a lake (when the weather permits). She thinks reading books is the answer to all problems (and having a glass of red wine is a fabulous second solution). She loves to chat with readers because she says they are brilliant and most passionate.

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