Release Day Blitz: Shelter (Moon Lake #1) by Dahlia West

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Release Day Blitz: Shelter (Moon Lake #1) by Dahlia WestTitle: Shelter
Author: Dahlia West
Series: Moon Lake #1
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: May 17, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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When Grant Daniels is unexpectedly discharged from the Marines, he heads back to his childhood home of Moon Lake, Idaho to run his family’s lodge. The place has seen better days and so has he. The wedding party from hell (actually New York City) checks in, complete with paparazzi and a Bridezilla. Nothing in his training has prepared him for an invasion of this scale.

Legend has it that if you look into the still waters of Moon Lake on the full moon, you’ll see the face of your true love on the water. Paige Ross doesn’t need fairy tales, though. She’s got a ring on her finger and a white dress stuffed in the back of her closet. There’s no backing out now, even if her impending nuptials feel more like a prison sentence for a crime she didn’t commit.

The moonlight shows her things she never knew existed, including a gruff ex-Marine that Paige knows she shouldn’t be looking at. She should stay away; she’s about to say “I do.” But Grant Daniels pulls at her like gravity. The moon is rising and the wedding bells are sounding more and more like an alarm.

What will she see when she looks in the water? A marriage… or a Marine?

Title: Shelter

Series: Moon Lake #1

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author: Dahlia West

Release Date: May 17, 2019

About Dahlia West

I live in North Carolina with so many pets that every time it rains I consider building an ark. I majored in English Education, though most of my jobs have involved using my hands: framing art, grooming dogs, stocking shelves. I started writing about seven years ago to avoid going back to a real job.

I’ve recently taken up roller derby just to test my health insurance coverage.

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