Release Day Blitz: Still Go Crazy (Swoon #5) by JH Croix

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Release Day Blitz: Still Go Crazy (Swoon #5) by JH CroixTitle: Still Go Crazy
Author: JH Croix
Series: Swoon #5
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: February 18, 2020
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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Boone Reeves was my everything once. Not anymore.

Boone is back in town, and I want *nothing* to do with him. He might be panty-melting hot, but I can stand the heat. All I have to do is remember how he dumped me.

Boone never did anything in half measures, and when he broke my heart, he broke it good.

He was never supposed to come back. He definitely wasn't supposed to want a second chance, and I’m not about to give it to him.


Grace Lakes was my everything once before. She still is. Because no one ever could live up to all she was to me.

When life brings me home, Grace acts like I don’t exist. I set out to fix the biggest mistake of my life—breaking Grace’s heart. She isn’t going to make it easy even if her cat thinks I’m awesome.

She might think she can wait me out, but I’m not about to let my one and only go without a fight.

Title: Still Go Crazy

Series: Swoon #5

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author: JH Croix

Release Date: February 18, 2020

This Crazy Love (Swoon #1)

Amazon US

Rule #1: Do not fall for your brother’s best friend.
Rule # 2: Absolutely do not fall for your brother’s best friend.
Rule # 3: Don’t break the rules.


Jackson Stone is hot—like burn-down-buildings kind of hot. He’s also my brother’s best friend, and the memory of one kiss with him years ago still might get to me. Maybe. But, I am not looking for a second chance.

When I return to the small town of Stolen Hearts Valley, my life is a hot mess. I’m a few bucks shy of broke with nowhere else to go. My heart’s battered and bruised, and when it comes to romance, the door is nailed shut.

But Jackson’s the kind of man women ruin panties over. Oh, and he’s my roommate. Talk about too close for comfort.

When I’m at my most vulnerable, he pulls that whole knight-in-shining-armor thing. What can I say? He’s near impossible to resist.


Shay Martin is my best friend’s little sister. And she’s so hot she nearly sets me on fire.

She’s a walking complication, and I don’t do complications. But I can’t seem to stay away from her. It doesn’t help that her bedroom is across the hall from mine.

Every look, every kiss, every touch nearly brings me to my knees. I can’t keep my balance, much less think. Before I know it, I’ll do anything for her.

Wait For Me (Swoon #2)

Amazon US

He makes an offer I can’t refuse. I never thought I was saving myself for anyone. Until Lucas.


My priorities are my daughter and my job as a first responder. Romance isn’t even on the radar. Until one little package changes everything.

In a single mind-blowing hour, I end up with a package meant for Valentina Smith, and I find out she’s innocent & untouched. I won’t even mention what’s in that package.

Next thing I know, my other brain gets the best of me. Valentina deserves the best, so that brain says, running my mouth like it has no business.

I don’t expect to fall for her. So hard it brings me to my knees. Did I mention she’s meant to be worshipped?


O.M.G. Hotter than sin Lucas Cole got my package. And opened it. I just knew God had it in for me.

I’ve got a problem to solve with just the solution. Until Lucas ends up with my, ahem, toy.

Lucas is everything I can’t have—hot, broody, and the kind of guy who rescues people for a living. I don’t need to be rescued, but I wouldn’t mind a taste of the rest.

Break My Fall (Swoon #3)

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My rules: No players. No flirts. No cocky jerks.
My exception: Dawson Marsh.

Dawson might be every girl’s crush in this small town, but not mine. I can appreciate him from a distance, and that suits me fine.

Except that one time he kissed me. Up close and personal.

Once is a mistake. But the second time? Sublime.

The man should come with some kind of a warning sign: Not safe for work! Hot to the touch! But what kind of girl can’t handle a little friends with benefits action, right?

The one who missed the most important warning: Danger, risk of falling.

Truly Madly Mine (Swoon #4)

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Dani Love is the girl who got away. Actually, she dumped me.

Not exactly a stroke to my ego.

When I move back home, Dani is just as much everything as she was before. Maybe even more. Snappy and smart with an attitude for days. I want her, even if it’s stupid.

Dani can’t decide if it’s better to ignore me, or fight with me. I’ll fight and win. She just doesn’t see it coming yet.


Wade Ellis is back. In my small town. I had it all figured out. Leave my past with Wade exactly where it belonged. The past stays in the past.

But Wade isn’t getting my memo. He’s ignoring every excuse I make.

His kisses are enough to literally set me on fire. Just when my defenses are burned to ash, I fess up to why I dumped him in the first place.

That should send him running. But no. Wade stole my heart once before, and now he seems determined to prove he’s keeping it.

If We Dare (Swoon #6)

Amazon US

Coming June 16th!

A fake relationship, friends to lovers romance from USA Today Bestselling author J.H. Croix!


I’m definitely not looking for love, but I need a date. A fake date for a wedding.

Jade owes me a favor. Because I rescued her from a dumpster—don’t ask. Jade might turn my crank, but she’s hands off when it comes to men. She’s perfect.

Well, perfect until we’re stuck together for the weekend, and I can hardly keep my eyes, or my hands, off her. I can’t go falling for my friend’s sister. What’s supposed to be fake starts to feel as real as the fire burning up the sheets between us.

Jade is feisty and a master at keeping me at a distance. Funny thing though. I don’t mind a challenge, and I’m not about to back down.

Steal My Heart (Swoon #7)

Amazon US

Coming August 11th!

A friends to lovers, brother’s best friend romance from USA Today bestselling author JH Croix!

I’m a) broke, b) abandoned by my sort-of-boyfriend, c) soooo done with men.

I’m hitchhiking across the country on the way back to my small hometown. I’ll pass on the lecture about safety. Heard it times ten. I can take care of myself. Then, I run into Mack Blair.

Mack is one of my brother’s best friends, and we grew up together. He’s also bossy and annoying and will not leave me alone. Just what I need. An alpha man who thinks he can tell me what to do.

Now, we’re traveling together, and, um, I’m having a problem. Mack is hot. Like make-me-forget-how-awful-men-are hot. Any suggestions on how not to tackle him?

About JH Croix

USA Today Bestselling Author JH Croix lives in a small town in the historical farmlands of Maine with her husband and two spoiled dogs. Croix writes steamy contemporary romance with sassy women and rugged alpha men who aren’t afraid to show some emotion. Her love for quirky small-towns and the characters that inhabit them shines through in her writing. Take a walk on the wild side of romance with her bestselling novels!

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