Release Day Blitz: The Hard Sell by Lulu Wright

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Release Day Blitz: The Hard Sell by Lulu WrightTitle: The Hard Sell
Author: Lulu Wright
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: September 26, 2016
Genre: Erotic Romance, Romantic Comedy
More Info: Goodreads
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Lily Brook works in men's underwear, but she would love to get Jack Stewart out of his.

Lily hasn't dated anyone worth writing home about for years. So when she meets the impossible and impossibly handsome Jack Stewart--well, you could say he piques her interest. It doesn't matter that he's the cockiest asshole this side of the Mason-Dixon line.

Jack Stewart is destined for success. With his designer suits, intense hazel eyes, and penthouse apartment, he's the total package. But he's also the manager of Hamilton's Department Store--the store where Lily could make or break her career. He would never fraternize with an employee. And there's no way in hell Lily would risk her job on the hottest guy in Philadelphia. Right?

But she can't stop imagining what he'd look like in a pair of Flash Fit's sexy male underwear...

He shouldn't dip his wick in the company's ink, but he can't resist Lily's curvaceous body and wacky charm. He wants Lily--in the break room, the dressing area, everywhere.

Making a move on Jack could end her career. But can Lily resist his Hard Sell?


Title: The Hard Sell

Genre: Erotic Romantic Comedy

Author: Lulu Wright

Release Date: September 26, 2016




She’s trying to control me with her tits, so I I look her dead in the eyes. “You will do what I say. You will follow the rules.”

“Or what?”

“Or I will discipline you.”

“You’re going to write me up?” She laughs. “I’m not your employee. You know you can’t.”

I shake my head again.. “There are other ways.” A curt email to her boss, for example.

But that’s not where her mind goes. Her eyes drift straight to the returned belts hanging on my wall, waiting for me to sort them by quality and return any that are still usable to the show floor. She raises an eyebrow. “What are you going to do, spank me?”

“I think you would enjoy that too much, Miss Brook.”

She smirks. “Maybe. But it’s not like I need to worry. You don’t have the guts, Jack.”

That does it. I tug at a thick black Levi’s belt off its peg and dangle it in front of her. “What do you think of this one?” Fisting the buckle, I wrap the strap tight around my hand. “It’s got a certain… heft to it, don’t you think?”

She twirls a loose strand of hair with her fingers. She’s blushing and she is avoiding my stare. But she’s also grinning, just a little bit. “You can’t be serious.”

I can’t help but almost grin myself. I want to know how far she’ll take this. Or how far I will. We’re deep in this game of chicken now, and neither of us seem the type to back down. “Well, like you said, you aren’t technically an employee… So what else can a department manager do to keep his naughtiest merchandiser in line?”

She eyes the belt in my hand and then casts those deep brown eyes on me. Her smile turns devilish. “I dare you,” she whispers.
Challenge accepted.

I hold my hand out to my desk. “Bend over, Miss Brook. It’s time to receive your punishment.”

Her eyes widen in surprise, but they are wild. Her mouth hangs open and she licks her red lips. Smiling, she moves to the desk and bends over, presenting her curvy ass to me. I can make out the outline of her thong through her tight, sexy black yoga pants. I would love to yank them off and…

No. That would be going too far.

I am about to back down, apologize for the joke, but then she shakes her ass at me.

“I should’ve guessed. Turns out he’s all talk and no action.”

I tighten my grip on the belt. “Last chance, Miss Brook. Are you going to follow my rules?”

“Nope.” She smirks.

Arousal and anger wage a war in my body. Sweat gathers on my brow and my heart is beating fast. “I am really going to do this, Miss Brook.”

She laughs again. “Sure you are.”

Without another word, I whip the belt around. It lands on her ass with a deafening smack. It wasn’t hard, but it was hard enough. She pops up from my desk and stares at me in shock, massaging the offended ass cheek. “Oh, my god. I can’t believe you did that!”

I can’t believe I did that either.

I can’t believe how hard her nipples are.

Her breath comes in shallow pants. Her stare is like a homing beam drawing me to her red mouth. I lean toward her, and she leans in too. That mouth is mine. I’m going to claim it, run my hands all over those huge tits, pinch those hard little nipples, and –



About Lulu Wright

Lulu Wright is a sushi eating lover of Broadway shows, long walks on the beach, and sexy book boyfriends. After working in retail for ages, she’s proud to put her hilarious experiences to paper in her first romance novel, The Hard Sell.

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