Release Day Blitz: Wishes & Wings (Birdsong Trilogy #3) by Nina Lane

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Release Day Blitz: Wishes & Wings (Birdsong Trilogy #3) by Nina LaneTitle: Wishes & Wings
Author: Nina Lane
Series: Birdsong Trilogy #3
Publisher: Snow Queen Publishing
Release Date: March 15, 2022
Genre: Contemporary Romance
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I chose this. I wanted him. I knew he was complex and challenging and that he would never fit into any kind of conventional life.

That right there is just one of the reasons I fell so hard in love with him. And why I’ll always stay exactly where I fell. There’s no rising and flying away from Darius Hawke.

Title: Wishes & Wings

Series: Birdsong Trilogy #3

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author: Nina Lane

Release Date: March 15, 2022

Sparrow & Hawke (Birdsong Trilogy #1)

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She’s forbidden. My attraction to her is wrong and dangerous. I’m like the serpent in the Garden of Eden targeting Eve. Corrupting her.

I understand the serpent, though. When you’ve seen the worst of humanity, taken the brunt of evil, you crave goodness. You want compassion and courage, even when it comes in a girl far too young and innocent for the likes of you.

If I get too close, I’ll ruin her.

But she’s so tempting. Sweet. And impossible to resist.


I can’t believe I feel this way about him. Darius is my father’s oldest friend. He’s broken and scarred in ways I will never know or understand.

But so am I. And I see myself in him — this embattled war photographer and I are more alike than he will ever admit.

He warns me. He tells me our desire is wrong. Immoral.

But the wild, explosive heat between us is like a living creature. Neither one of us can escape it… no matter how desperately we try.

And even if it destroys us.

Feather & Flame (Birdsong Trilogy #2)

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“This is why I never contacted you. I still have no control around you. You want me to tell you I haven’t thought of you? That would be a damned lie. Wherever I’ve been, whatever I’ve done, I haven’t stopped thinking of you. You are always there.”


Once, I was convinced that my feelings for Darius, my love for him, were pure and real. I fought against all his perceptions of wrongness.

But that was four years ago. If I still can’t find pleasure in even the thought of kissing another man, maybe my feelings for Darius have gotten twisted and warped. Maybe they’re obsessive.

Maybe they’re wrong.

About Nina Lane

Though she was born and raised in California, Nina Lane now lives in Wisconsin where the winters are freezing and the cheese is exceptional. Mom to two teenagers and a neurotic dog, she lives in two worlds—one world of laundry, driving, horses, Girl Scouts, and football, and the other of epic romances between hot alpha heroes and the women who bring them to their knees. Nina only cooks when she can’t avoid it (i.e., there are no frozen pizzas left), binge-watches serial TV whenever she can get control of the remote, and checks in about the weather daily with her meteorologist husband. She’s a fan of popcorn, actual print magazines, French Roast coffee, working out, and trying new things… especially if it’s food.

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