Release Day Review + Giveaway: I Like Big Dragons and I Cannot Lie (I Like Big Dragons #1) by Lani Lynn Vale

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Release Day Review + Giveaway: I Like Big Dragons and I Cannot Lie (I Like Big Dragons #1) by Lani Lynn ValeTitle: I Like Big Dragons and I Cannot Lie
Author: Lani Lynn Vale
Series: Dragon #1
Publisher: Dixie Wardens Inc
Release Date: August 17, 2016
Genre: Erotic Romance, Fantasy
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Keifer Vassago, the Prince of Dragons, has enough on his plate without adding a brunette with a bad attitude to the mix. Fate has other plans for him though, whether he wants what it has in store for him or not.

One minute he’s fetching his brother from yet another compromising situation that could potentially harm the Vassago name, and the next minute the brunette with the bad attitude has him breathing fire.

Blythe is a good girl who just wants to graduate from nursing school, get a job and move out of her hellhole of an apartment. She tries to focus on her plans for the future, but fate has something else in store for her.

One minute she’s a normal college student, barely making it paycheck to paycheck, and the next minute a sexy, fire breathing, bearded prince is setting her panties on fire with his ancient powers.

Now she’s hearing voices that are not figments of her imagination. Blythe liked her crazy life just the way it was, but it's been turned upside down. Adding insult to injury, Keifer's less-then-understanding approach to get her to adapt to his world pushes her too hard, too fast.

She wants nothing to do with the arrogant, pompous, dragon-riding ass with the sexy beard and smoldering eyes.

Oh, who was she kidding? She wasn’t even convincing herself...

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Title: I Like Big Dragons and I Cannot Lie

Series: I Like Big Dragons #1

Author: Lani Lynn Vale

Genre: Erotic Fantasy Romance

Release Date: August 17, 2016

Cover Design: Cover Me Darling



I walked out of the restaurant where I worked and hurried quickly to my apartment, thanking God that I was so close.  I didn’t think my legs could take much more.

My knees were killing me after being on my feet for the past eight hours straight.  Not a single break in the whole time I was on shift.

Thanks, Macy, for not showing up for your shift and making me work both yours and my sections.  It was fucking awesome, I thought sourly.

I entered the building, forgoing the mail seeing as, if I stopped, I wasn’t sure my legs would hold me up anymore.

I took the one flight of stairs up to my apartment, and had nearly reached my door when a large man came barreling out of the apartment next to mine.

He was a huge man.

Big, with beautiful brown hair, a strong jaw, and gorgeous brown eyes.Eyes that actually leaned more towards gold rather than brown.

His eyes flicked up to me and away, just as fast, instead focusing on the man he was dragging out of the apartment with him, kicking and screaming.

A nearly naked man.

I flattened myself against the wall, but the shoulders of the large man in his impeccable business suit still brushed my collarbone in the narrow hallway.

His bare hand brushed the exposed skin of my legs where my shorts ranged on the too-short side of short.

An electric jolt surged through me, making my back straighten, and my eyes to fasten onto his as he passed.

His eyes were just as wide, and looking at me like I’d just grabbed his testicles in a one handed grip… which I most certainly did not.

Not that it wasn’t tempting, but I didn’t think I could work up the energy to have sex with the handsome man, even if my body did yearn for his.

I started walking away on wobbly legs just as he passed me, ignoring the man he was dragging completely.

I’d seen the two before, of course.

The apartment he’d come out of was Macy’s.  And the man he was dragging was Farrow, her boyfriend. He’d probably been the reason that Macy hadn’t come into work today, the big bastard.

The other man I didn’t know the name of appeared to be related to Macy’s boyfriend. Same hair, same features.

Although, now I knew his touch set my vagina on fire, and I needed to avoid him at all costs.

Something I could easily do since it was more than obvious he’d never stoop down to my level.  Slumming didn’t even look like it was a word in that man’s vocabulary.

As I got my door open, though, I looked over my shoulder to see the man’s eyes on mine.

He was staring at me intently.

I didn’t touch your balls, why are you staring at me like I did something inappropriate?  I wondered.

His smile widened, almost as if he’d heard my thoughts.

My eyes narrowed on him, and he began to laugh as he started to pull his brother down the flight of stairs by his hair.

Farrow straightened up and went willingly, walking, because he didn’t want to be drug down them, I’d guessed.

The man didn’t look like the type to take no as an answer.


My Review

There’s always a little bit of apprehension that goes into starting a book from an author who has only ever published one gin enre, but is now diving into another. It’s not always done successfully, and sometimes it can be downright tragic and awkward to read. I should have known better though; I needn’t have worried. Vale transitioned into the fantasy genre so well, at times I forgot dragons weren’t creatures that were in our every day lives. I can’t say it was flawless but what it was felt natural. It felt real, and honest, and true to the characters. It ended up being the perfect introduction to not only a new series, but a new genre and world for the author and left me salivating for the next installment.

There’s a certain aspect that you often find in fantasy/paranormal erotic books in which once the main characters meet, there is something ingrained in their entire being that makes it physically impossible to stay away from each other. To the point they experience physical pain if they don’t join together in steamy times. This may sound corny, but believe me, when you read it you will get it and it is beyond hot. Let me tell you though… those particular scenes in THIS book?! Make sure you have a fan handy. They are some of the steamiest scenes I’ve ever read in a book, and I read a ton of books so don’t take that statement lightly. From the first time they wake up in bed together to the first time they completely join and everything that comes after, the intensity between Keifer and Blythe will quite literally take your breath away. I feel like even though their connection was instant, it didn’t feel forced.

I loved watching the progression in their relationship and that there were even certain things that were new to Keifer even though he was raised to know all aspects of this world. I loved his confidence but also that he wasn’t afraid to show her his vulnerabilities. I loved that they could just be themselves around each other and that it was just another facet to solidify they were meant to be together. However, I also loved that this wasn’t just a romance. There was so much else going on in this book that at times it pushed the romance factor to the background and I found myself not even minding. I got so caught up in this fantasy world that I wanted to find out everything there was know. Even though it wasn’t mentioned much, I felt like the MC club was something that could have been left out. For everything that was in this story and made it great, it was almost like it was just one to many things that pushed it almost to the edge. I feel like it was a phenomenal book without it and didn’t really add anything to an already perfect story.

I’ve read quite a few paranormal and fantasy books but I can’t say that I’ve read many that involved dragons. Really only one other series that I can think of. I feel like that worked to my benefit because I didn’t really have anything to compare it against, which was definitely a good thing. I love that this wasn’t a shifter book but still shared some of the same qualities while still staying human. There was just so much to love about this story, but half the fun is discovering it yourself. I was drawn in from page one and cannot wait until the next book!



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Dragons Need Love, Too

(I Like Big Dragons #2)

Amazon US

Coming October 19th!


Dragon Prince Nikolai Vassago’s day starts out fairly normal: get up, kick some ass, fondle his beard, take some names.

One minute he’s participating in a run-of-the-mill mission, and the next with his fated mate. minute,  he’s rescuing Brooklyn, the woman that is fated to be his, from the clutches of a criminal mastermind.

Nikolai is quite pleased with his fated mate. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for Brooklyn.

Living in a religious commune for the majority of her life meant Brooklyn wasn’t exposed to all of the outside world’s craziness.  The moment she turned eighteen, she was off and running towards whatever new experiences the outside world could give her.

In her quest to experience it all, she tends to jump into situations without considering weighing the potential consequences until it’s too late. Brooklyn just wants to be free to make her own decisions and live her life as she pleases. But in her quest to save herself from the limitations of her old commune life, she lands herself in a dangerous situation, and Nikolai swoops in to her rescue, throwing her on the back of his dragon and flying off into the night.

He’s a man-with-a-okay kind of guy, and she’s a fly-by-the-seat-of-her-pants (not on the back of a dragon!) kind of girl..

Nikolai, however, has fate on his side, and whether she is ready to accept her fate or not, it won’t be denied.  Brooklyn’s stubborn though, and Nikolai will need to use all of his powers to show her that she’s exactly where she needs to be.


Oh, My Dragon

(I Like Big Dragons #3)

Coming soon!


About Lani Lynn Vale

Lani Lynn Vale is a USA Today bestselling author of Contemporary and Romantic Suspense and has a love for all things romance. Lani is married to the love of her life that she met in high school. She fell in love with him because he was wearing baseball pants. Ten years later they have three perfectly crazy children and a cat named Demon who likes to wake her up at ungodly times in the night. They live in the greatest state in the world, Texas. You can find Lani in front of her computer writing away in her fictional characters world… that is until her husband and kids demand sustenance in the form of food and drink.

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