Review & Giveaway: Noah Mitchell (The Mitchell/Healy Series #1) by Jennifer Foor

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Review & Giveaway: Noah Mitchell (The Mitchell/Healy Series #1) by Jennifer FoorTitle: Noah Mitchell
Author: Jennifer Foor
Series: The Mitchell/Healy Series #1
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: May 17, 2014
Genre: Erotic Romance, New Adult
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Being the son of Colton Mitchell isn't what Noah Mitchell wants to be known for. Though he works along side of his father, he feels the strain to go out on his own. Being the next in line to be in control of the family's ranch, he debates on taking his life in a completely different direction.

Leaving town to clear his head he meets Shalan, a beautiful singer that longs for a life in the city.

As sparks fly, his family's dreams for him seemingly go out the window. Will Noah stick around to follow in the footsteps of his famous father, or will love lead him away?

This is Book 1 in the new series, Mitchell- Healy Cousins.
You will still be able to enjoy all of the original characters from the original Mitchell Series.

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I tugged down my jeans, since his back was turned to me. We were both adults and he’d obviously seen a woman before. Being in my underwear was exactly like wearing a bathing suit. I had nothing to feel ashamed of.

Well, that’s how I felt before he turned around and got an eyeful. “I wasn’t kiddin’ about sharin’ a bed.”

I climbed into the cold bed next to his. “You and I both know what will happen if I get into that bed with you.”

He sat up, leaning on his elbow. “What’s that exactly?”

“Oh, you’re funny. Like you don’t know already. Do you really think I’d just throw caution to the wind and sleep with you after one day?”

“You almost did a few hours ago.”

He was right and I hated that he knew it. “I would have stopped you.”

“Darlin’, after one kiss you’d be beggin’ me for more.”

His huge ego annoyed me, but it also made me hot between my legs. I could close my eyes and picture him being between them, satisfying the growing craving I had for him. “Have I mentioned how much I hate cocky men?”

“Maybe you just hate cock. Are you into cleanin’ carpets? Is that how you roll?” He must have thought his comment was funny, because he rolled on his back and cackled at himself. “You like the taste of pussy?”

I pulled a pillow over my face and screamed into it. The bantering between us was making me crazy. I finally removed the pillow, put my hand on the lamp switch, and spoke. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” I shut off the light and rolled over promising myself that I wouldn’t listen to anything else he had to say.

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My Review:

Holy dirty talking cowboy alert! Take everything you thought you knew about the Mitchell family you’ve come to adore and throw it right out of the window! This was a grown up view of them that I never could have imagined. I admit I was a bit apprehensive as to how this would all play out; getting to know characters we’ve seen since birth now all grown up. I have to say though; it was handled fantastically! Some I grew to dislike, some I saw in a new light, and some I fell in love with even more. To the core they were the same people, but with age comes change; it’s only natural.

Noah was the perfect blend of his father and two uncles. He has all the alpha and caring nature of Colt, the sexiness and mischievousness of Ty, and the raw sex appeal and huge heart of Conner. Combine all these qualities into one perfectly sculpted country boy body, and you have the perfect storm, aka Noah Mitchell. This story held all the things I’ve grown to love and expect from Jenn Foor’s Mitchell series, but it also had a level of maturity that was unexpected. While the family was still prevalent, I appreciated that Noah had the opportunity to stand on his own and not be overshadowed. I felt like we really got to know his character and gain a deeper insight into his mind.

Shalan is a completely new character to the fold. While Noah is out discovering his own road, their path’s cross in a pretty hilarious way. Shalan was such a beautiful character to read, and I really felt like I connected with her hopelessness. Though she had given up on some aspects of her life getting any better I still felt like she had a fight in her that couldn’t be extinguished. These two on the page together literally burned them up. The sexual tension, the banter, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute! As two very separate individuals, they were going through things that young adults typically do, but without a real safety net. They were figuring out who they were as people, and somewhere along the way, they began to figure it out together. There was no insta-love here; their relationship took time, and even up until the end, I wasn’t certain what their outcome would be.

Jenn excels at creating characters that you become invested in. You laugh with them, you cry with them, you bleed with them, and you fall in love with them. Their pain is your pain and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Next up is Bella’s story and I can’t wait to see where Jenn takes us next!

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About Jennifer Foor

A Maryland native who spends most of her time
devising a plan to live off the land on some remote island, where no one will ever find her.

She is a married mother of two kids, who may or may not drive her completely bonkers. In her spare time she enjoys shooting pool, camping and spending time with friends and family.

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