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Review & Giveaway: Remembering Joy by Jenni MoenTitle: Remembering Joy
Author: Jenni Moen
Publisher: Self-Published
Release Date: June 5, 2013
Genre: New Adult
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Alexis doesn’t believe in fairytales. She knows first hand that life can turn on a dime – that one stupid mistake can shatter dreams and irrevocably shape the future. Though her memory of that day is hazy, she has spent the last ten years trying to put it behind her and focus on the future.

Adam is dark and brooding and strangely charming. The film student is the perfect distraction from the mundane life she’s created for herself.

Unfortunately, Adam’s memory isn’t hazy . . . not in the least. And, what she doesn’t remember, he can’t forget.



My Review: 

I didn’t want someone who would really want to get to know me. I was damaged goods, and I’d learned the hard way that once they learned the truth I wasn’t worth sticking around for.

Wow! Just…….wow. This book literally rendered me speechless. I will admit that lately, I try not to go into books with any expectations. I’ve been burned in the past hoping for something spectacular and getting duds. When you find a diamond in the rough, it makes the experience that much sweeter. For me, this book was my diamond. I went so far last night, when I was only 50%, to contact the author through Facebook and thank her for writing so well. That may seem like crazy talk to you, something you would ASSUME that writers do anyway, but as I am sure you know, a lot of fluff exists. This was NOT one of those books. To put it in perspective, I typically read a book in less than a day. This book took me two days! Not because I couldn’t put it down, or because it bored me, but because I was consciously trying to read slower, not wanting the story to end. Savoring every last morsel I could. This book is something special and I only hope I can convey that well.

She would fall for me…and the harder the better because I was going to break her heart.

Remembering Joy is the journey of Alexis (Allie) and Adam. Two seemingly strangers that meet in a bar, both broken and haunted by the past, frozen in the present, unsure of what to do next. The first part of the book is mostly in Allie’s POV, and we get to know her pretty well. Actually, we get to discover her as she discovers herself. I just LOVED Allie. For all her faults and misgivings, she was simply human, and her own worst enemy. A confident, highly educated, beautiful woman, yet she was full of self hatred and doubt. A walking, talking oxymoron. The emotions Allie exhibited throughout this book literally gutted me. To the point I was holding my breath in anticipation of things to come, multiple times. Just when you think you know where the story is going, Jenni throws you a curve ball. And once you’ve acclimated to the truth, she lobs another one at you! Allie is stuck in a continuous cycle, reliving bits and pieces of a day she cannot remember nor seem to forget.

I was torn between the past and the present, but had made a decision. Today I was going to focus on the here and now.

Adam. Oh Adam. It isn’t hard to figure out pretty early on what might be the driving force behind his actions. But even when you think you know, trust me, you don’t. This book flowed flawlessly between romance and suspense, bringing together the best of both worlds. We all have demons we live with, but Adam has more than most. He was dealt a shitty hand in life, and forced to grow up way too fast. This turned him into the man he is today, and he makes no apologies for that. I spent the first half of the book wondering where these two were headed, and once the tide turned, I felt hopeful right along with them. There are several side characters that play integral roles in this story. Some of my favorite scenes were our main characters interacting with the side ones. You will notice that I am giving very vague details about this story, and that is because it must be experienced. To give even a little would be a disservice to you, dear reader. This is meant to be a journey towards forgiveness, towards healing, towards love. It does all of that and more, just not necessarily in ways you would normally think.

“Until now, I’ve always valued my privacy more than I’ve valued the woman in my life. But you’re different, Allie. You’re worth taking a chance on. I’m trusting you with everything I have.”

There were many twists and turns in this story, and I absolutely loved every single second of it. Allie and Adam’s story continues in Finding Joy, but this book doesn’t end in a cliffhanger. I feel like I need to stress again just how MUCH I loved this book! This is the debut novel from Jenni Moen, and it reads like a seasoned author. I was completely engrossed in this story, inhaling every last detail. Without a doubt, 5 star read for me! I cannot wait to see where the road leads for Allie and Adam. 







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About Jenni Moen

Jenni Moen lives in Oklahoma with her husband and three crazy, exuberant kids that have the potential to burn the house down at any moment.

When she’s not chauffeuring kids around town, performing her mom duties as a short order cook and maid, or vacuuming for her fastidious husband, she hammers away at her keyboard at her big girl job as a patent attorney. While vodka and exercise have provided some relief from the daily grind, it is reading … and now writing … that are her true escapes.

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